Shaky Casablanca

Casablanca had witnessed a tragic event which was the collapse of three buildings on the night of Thursday Friday of Ramadan (11 July at 2 am),when people geared up to eat “sohor” for tomorrow fasting ,this tragic event had killed 23 people and injured 53 people some of them (about 8 persons) had been admitted in intensive care units.
The buildings which had tumbled down are two of five-storied buildings ,and one of four-storied building ,but the most stunning is these miserable buildings are meant for one or two stories not more ,hence the collapse because the pillars couldn’t withstand a heavy weight like that for so long .
We have seen many collapsing buildings in morocco because of this problem ,a building of one or two stories ,could have more than three or four stories due to corruption which is rife in every level in Moroccan administration for so long ,even the new government did not take stiff measures to deal with it ,at the opposite it seems Moroccan government is normalizing the corruption and bribery , as the courage to tackle such epidemic head-on is lacking and absent .

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i am a webmaster ,my website is meant for people wanting to learn foreign languages . my i am in casablanca

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