The Political Israeli constipation 

-Israel was created in 1948 by a UN  resolution , dividing Palestinian land between Palestinians and Israelis ,since then the elections were held periodically without any problem in general ;

-this weird country had waged wars against its neighbors ,most of them were won by Israel some of them were a draw ,especially 1973 war ,like in football match

-the GDP of Israel is about 480 billion dollars which makes this country among the most rich in middle east (profiting from western umbrella, as Israel does not undergo any political or financial embargo even when this country perpetrates horrid crimes against its neighbors  ,unlike Iran Iraq for example ).

-Israel is the most powerful country militarily in middle east according to western criteria ,but recent wars against Hezbolah   and lately against Hamas supported by Iran did not prove Israel has a professional army but an army specialist in destroying civilian infrastructures and killing of civilians and innocent people ;unfortunately like most of the armies throughout the world we see what is happening in Syria Yemen Iraq Afghanistan and Vietnam and recently in Ukraine  .

-Israel will hold the fifth election in the period of four years ,at the beginning of November this year new elections will be held;,that means the political Israeli model is cracking from side to side .

-by the way ,it is impossible to build up a modern state using the mixture of religious , extremist  , racist  and  modern political parties ,that will give you an undrinkable cocktail  ,and unsustainable political system .

-Israel is the only state in the world resorting to frantic religious apartheid under the umbrella , applause of western secular democracy!!!! .

- 70 years of apartheid ; about more than 100 atomic bombs giving by western regimes to Israel, not to mention sophisticated weapons ,nuclear submarines coming especially from Germany ,in the frame of  world war two compensation but who in the west of human rights will  indemnify Palestinians for 70 years of apartheid ,i do not think western regimes are ready to put their hands in their pockets. .

-while these western regimes don’t want Iran to have nuclear bombs even nuclear civil technology .

- it is ludicrous and laughable when you see western press blaming American president for shaking the hand of MBS the crown prince of Saudi Arabia  but  this democratic press does not say anything  when American president pay an extravagant visit to Israel ,every one knows Israel  is an apartheid country sucking politically the blood of Palestinians  .