the dead of the north of Morocco


-Informal economy  in the North plays the role of a social regulator ,given the absence of the state for decades in this region and despite the efforts made by the government since 1998, the gaps are huge in this region.

-We see every day women who shuttle between the north and the two Spanish cities Sebtta and Mlilia, to get supplies of goods without any dignity as the carry these goods on their shoulder like beast of burden  , which are then sold on the local market.

-but the incompetent government says what these women are doing is  illegal, they do not have the right to sell contraband products on the national market, even when some of them die because of a stampede ,it  is not important to the government; while the same government does nothing against the national networks of corruption and illicit enrichment, and the extortion of land, and exploitation of minerals in Morocco by private companies !!’, and illegal fishing on the high seas … etc, against all these anomalies the government of the people does nothing!!! .

– besides the products of contraband are freely sold in shops of Derb Ghalef (Casablanca), these shops have patents, it means that they are legal.

-We are in front of scavenger business, where the dignity of people has no value.

-the smuggling  has disappeared almost in the industrialized countries because there is a real policy  of wealth distribution, and economic prosperity ,while in poor or less industrialized countries or countries gangrened by corruption at all levels, poor people live off the smuggling , because it is the only way to survive.                                                









موتى الشمال في المغرب

التهريب  في الشمال يلعب دور المنظم الاجتماعي نظرا لعدم وجود الدولة لعقود في هذه المنطقة وعلى الرغم من الجهود التي بذلتها الحكومة منذ عام 1998، فإن  الفجوات ضخمة في هذه المنطقة.

نرى كل يوم النساء اللواتي يتنقلن بين الشمال والمدينتين الاسبانيتين سبتة ومليلة، للحصول على إمدادات السلع، هده السلع تباع بعد ذلك في السوق المحلية.

ولكن الحكومة غير الكفؤة تقول إن هؤلاء النساء يمارسن عمل غير قانوني، وليس لديهن الحق في بيع منتجات مهربة في السوق الوطنية، حتى عندما يموت بعضهن بسبب التدافع. ليس دلك مهم في نظر الحكومة، في حين أن هذه الحكومة نفسها لا تفعل شيئا ضد الشبكات الوطنية للفساد والإثراء غير المشروع، وسرقة الأراضي، واستغلال المعادن في المغرب من قبل مؤسسات القطاع الخاص !!! ، والصيد غير المشروع في أعالي البحار … الخ، ضد كل هذه الحالات الشاذة حكومة الشعب لا يفعل شيئا

إلى جانب دلك منتجات التهريب تباع بحرية في محلات درب غالف في الدارالبيضاء، هذه المحلات لديها وثائق إدارية ، فهذا يعني أنها قانونية.

نحن أمام تجارة العبيد ، حيث كرامة الناس ليست لها قيمة.

اختفى التهريب  تقريبا في البلدان الصناعية بسبب وجود توزيع حقيقي للثروة والإقلاع الاقتصادي.

بينما يعيش الفقراء في الهشاشة الإجتماعية و الإقتصادية ، في البلدان الفقيرة أو الأقل تصنيعا، أو الذين يعانقون من الفساد على جميع المستويات، التهريب هو السبيل الوحيد للبقاء على قيد الحياة

la Politique

les morts du nord

north morocco

-l’informel au nord joue le rôle d’un régulateur sociale vu l’absence de l’état  depuis des décennies dans cette région et malgré les efforts fournis par le gouvernement depuis 1998 ,les écarts sont énormes dans cette région  .

-on voit tout les jours des femmes qui font la navette entre le nord et les deux villes espagnol Sebtta et Mlilia ,pour s’approvisionner de marchandises ,qui sont ensuite vendues sur le marché local .

-mais le gouvernement incompétent dit que ces femmes sont dans illégalité ,elles n’ont pas le droit de vendre les produits de la contre-bande sur le marché national ,même quand certain d’entre elles meurt à cause de bousculade ,ce n’est pas important aux yeux de gouvernement , alors que ce mème gouvernement ne fait rien contre les réseaux nationaux de corruption et d’enrichissement illicite ,et l’extorsion des terres ,et l’exploitation des minerais du Maroc  par des ‘entreprises privées de régime’  ,et la pêche illégale en haute mer …etc ,contre tout ces anomalies le gouvernement du peuple ne fait rien !!! .

-d’ailleurs les produits de contre bande sont librement vendus dans des boutiques de Derb Ghalef  ,ces boutiques  ont des patentes ,ça veut dire qu’elles sont légales .

-nous sommes en face de business de charognard ,où  la dignité des gens n’a aucune valeur . 

-la contre bande a disparupresque dans les pays industrialisés car il y a une vrai politique distribution de richesse ,et de décollage économique.

-alors que dans les pays  pauvres ou  moins industrialisés  ou gangrenés par la corruption à tout les niveaux ,des gens pauvres vivent  de la contre-bande,car c’est le seule moyen pour survivre .








the politicians of Morocco and the money


– the majority of politicians in Morocco are very rich, they are suspected of amassing fortunes without worrying about transparency, moreover some of them became rich overnight, by grabbing fertile land, and transport authorizations  given by the Minister of Interior graciously to politicians close to the power, and also  authorizations for fishing on the high seas.
-Most of our politicians have money in foreign banks in the West, while according to the laws? the Moroccan has no right to send more than 10,000 DH abroad per year.
-To prevent the politician to use  the political power to get rich, the politician must focus on one function within the political apparatus, it must be either parliamentary, mayor or a local elected politician , and not all at once without doing a single job properly while being generously paid.
– politicians must declare their fortunes before exercising their functions within the administration and after.
-Moroccan parliamentarians are among the best paid in Mena South zone, 35,000 DH, in Tunisia  10,000 DH
-we must lower the salaries of senior officials and ministers including the head of state (the palace budget is $ 250 million per year !!!, in a country where GDP PER CAPITA is $ 3,500 per year) to harmonize the salaries of state officials with the  living standard of the population in Morocco.
-The Limitation of salaries of senior officials, Prohibition of the accumulation of salaries, mandates and functions within the administration, it will not be something bad for Morocco.
-in Morocco we must be unambiguous about the accumulation of salaries and the
accumulation of mandates and functions, to build an egalitarian society, with a minimum  gap between the social strata, because public payroll is lager compared to GDP.
– we have a good example in Morocco, Omar  Balafrej leaves a job in the private sector better paid for a parliamentary job.



Jerada the time bomb


-Jerada has known for more than a month  demonstrations because of the death of two people in a mine, which was closed since the 90s of the last century.
-The officials say that the cost of coal purchased is cheaper than that produced in Jerada , hence the closure of mine.
-The mine closure was followed by inefficient adjustment plans.
-We do not know who is clandestinely exploiting these mines that had been closed, perhaps by political mafias.
-But the Minister of Mines has no plan to get out of this scabrous situation , and find a viable alternatives for the people, because we do not solve the problems with those who created them.
-There are hotbeds of social explosions., and time bombs like Meknes, the north and the east, it’s all Morocco !!! .
– Many questions remain unanswered, which are the criteria that distinguish operating mines and abandoned mines? Who is responsible for the opening or closing of these mines, is it the sector minister who gave the licenses to operate these closed mines, or other political departments or mafias?
-in Morocco there are mines that work well, but no redistribution of wealth in the region and the surrounding area, moreover Ask the companies who are here to earn money to redistribute profits is to ask the realization of a miracle.
-There are also in Morocco Fishing areas prohibited but not respected by mafia close to those in power, which fishes in these areas without worrying about biological rest.
-The wild and unrelenting  liberalism that Morocco has adopted since the 80s of the last century may cost Morocco heavy socially and politically cost.