The incestuous marriage between Moroccan regime and Israel

-Pugasus Israeli spying electronic gadgets is  unfortunately used by the most of the Arab regimes  to spy on  their own citizens ,especially those slamming these corrupt tyrannic regimes ;the critics of these gloomy regimes are inside their country, but most of them are  outside ,that shields them from being jailed and tortured .

-these countries  are without   institutions  and mechanism of control ,if they exist ,they are  complaisant or reduced to silence .

- Pugasus was used to spy and harass journalists ,opponents ,academics ...etc  in these countries gouverned by  unleashed government like stray dog   ...etc these opponents who don't flinch from showcasing the  flagrant misdeeds of the ugly  regimes  could at any time be jailed with fanciful and imaginary accusations .

-as for the Moroccan diffident regime ,Pugasus is the golden tool used to humiliate and spy on those who don"t see the regime as a legitimate and transparent one ,disclosing the hidden dirt of this regime through social media .

-the appetite of Moroccan regime was growing by eating , as this sneaky regime is accused of spying on some french politicians inside their narrow and large circles , using Israeli electronic gadgets .

-by the way it is not a secret for the Moroccan monarchy to team up with Israeli intelligence ;during Arab league summits held in morocco especially before the Arab Israeli war 1967 ,in which the Arab armies were crashed quickly and easily ,Israel was given the authorizations and green card to spy on Arab leaders ;  conclusion of these spying , Israeli intelligence reached the conclusion that the Arab regimes are divided ,narrow-minded and  weak .

-besides ,some say without Moroccan monarchy precious help ,it was difficult to envisage a quick and easy Israeli victory ;in return Israeli intelligence helped the Moroccan monarchy to assassinate Mahdi Ben Barka ,a relentless opponent of the monarchy .

-by the way until now we do not know where is the dead body of Mehdi ,some said it was melted in the acid solution  exactly like Kachakgi the Saudi journalist .