Children of Morocco

Children of Morocco

-the little Adnan raped by a sexual predator, this affair has become the fodder of social networks, everyone is talking about even the officials of Morocco.
-a little girl used in satanic rituals to find treasure !!! Unfortunately, her death was of no interest to anyone while everyone is talking about the Adnan case as if the life of a little girl is less important .
-a fkih (a Muslim monotheist religious man) raped five little girls, this scandal has also gone unnoticed in social networks (scandal in our time; although the religions of the Middle East and traditions see no harm in seeing an elderly man marrying a little girl !!!).
-Marrakesh has become a world capital of paedophilia, while the monotheistic religious regime is completely silent, it does nothing to at least reduce the influx of paedophiles to Morocco by the police of the regime that knows almost everything about national and international terrorism , and nothing on paedophilia in Morocco, as if the Moroccan police is totally programmed against opponents, journalists and You-tubers ... etc.
-the children of the rural world their schools are almost dilapidated, some schools do not even have toilets, water, heating system ; the Covid-19 has made situation worse, since children do not have internet connections, computers or tablets to receive lessons at home, as usual some officials naively wonder why the level of pupils in rural areas is limited.
-the little maids (little nannies) who work in the villas and apartments of rich people, they work from dawn until sunset sometimes even until midnight, unfortunately these little girls are reduced to slavery by modern women of high society , with modern makeup !!! , these so-called modern women of course ask for new rights, being respected as women, having the same salary as men ... etc, purporting to be modern, these women are certainly modern by their clothes and makeup but medieval by mindset ; whereas these modern women from rich families exploit the miseries of these little girls and their families by making them do the dishes and dirty laundry… .etc for a pittance , when they demand urgently and constantly to have the same rights and salary as men !!! .


Moroccan democracy or anarchy !

Moroccan democracy or anarchy !

-a young teenager was sentenced to three years in prison for sharing a song Acha Achaab (long live the People ) on social networks.
-a severe screw on the press freedom after the arrest of ‘Omar Radi’ for contempt of judges !!, this journalist criticized the sentences of judges vis-a-vis the demonstrators of Al-Hociema, stalinian sentences (20 years of prison for asking to have hospitals and schools ... etc in peaceful demonstrations).
- the prosecution of certain journalists, quite simply because they made disturbing revelations about the pension funds, which those who are in the government seek to hide.
- these two cases and others demonstrate that investigative journalism or any type of journalism are undesirable in Morocco, because they disturb those who have tendency to sleeping in power.
-justly a you-tuber was given four years in prison for insulting the monarch.
-While the Court of Auditors reports are in hibernation without any legal action, except for the unlucky persons , those who do not have strong and precious supporters within the circles of power.
-the regime and its competent civil servants have been discussing for weeks the new development model in Morocco !!! while prisons are widening by prisoners of opinion, human rights , journalists , you-tubers and singers ... etc ??
-this kind of sanctions are considered as preventive strikes, orchestrated by the regime and its supporters to warn anyone who dares to exceed the limits !!
- besides the boss of the RNI (the political party of the monarch) threatened outright and directly "people who exceed the limits" to redo their education.

Terrorism killed two Scandinavians at Imlil in Morocco

-The terrorism struck Morocco again after 1994 ,may 2003 and Argana coffee shop in Marrakesh at 2011;last week (17/12/1018)another terrorist attack against civilians had been carried out by four criminals with cold blood  at Imlil city (Alhouz region)close to Marrakesh .

-after this terrorist operation the police arrested about 20 suspects ,4 among them directly responsible for the killing of these two scandinavian tourists ,the characteristic of these arrested ,they did not have a high school  degree ,they do not have  even high school graduate level ,they are poor ,working in precarious jobs .

-Many  vigils were held throughout Morocco to  mourn the slaughter of two Scandinavian young women tourists (Luisa & Marine ) ,two young students ,who were in vacation at Marrakesh and hiked in the highest mountain in north Africa .

-unfortunately the regime as usual with its crocodile tears in its official and nonofficial media , storm against these strange and horrid form of barbarity!! ,while every one knows that the regime in Morocco likewise other Arab regimes had fed lavishly this form of violent religion in the 60’s and 70’s of the last century ,this fattened beast was used by the regime against the left parties (socialists ,communists …etc ) in this period to square  accounts with any form of opposition to the political system .

-the Moroccan authorities and government believe naively the police only and its ramification could dry out the terrorism ideologically and financially ,but the reality turned them wrong , without sanitizing the  school curriculum ,and the religious verbiage and reforming  political system toward state of institutions instead of religious political regime ,without these deep reform it is impossible to deal with terrorism successfully   .

-as long as in Morocco like all Arabic religious regimes ,it is forbidden to criticise and reform  the religion ,the  political regime  …etc ,it is unthinkable to tackle head on terrorism because these regimes take a part of their legitimacy and authority from religion ,therefore, it is easy to understand ,  why they do not want any form of reform leading to the  accountability and judicial trial of the political system  .

-the citizen in these backward countries interiorize and internalize in their core mindset that the religion or religious officials of the system should not be criticised or tried because they are sacred  ,therefore when this pitiful citizen face religious extremist languages and network  , this citizen or what is left of him  ,react and behave in the same way this citizen behaves  toward the political system ,obediently docilely , without any form of doubt ,analysis and criticism.

-these faceless regimes want a docile citizen ,so when this citizen falls in the trap of extremism ,he do not have enough intellectual luggage and tools to counter this dark message ,as the regime in its schooling system  did not teach the citizen how to deal with such verbiage ; the obsession of  the officials is  just to have slave citizen hailing applauding them ,even if they are incompetent ,corrupt and unaccountable.

-brief conclusion , to eclipse  the boastful attitude of bloody religion ,and extremist religious people and politicians hiding behind religion  or using it as a beast of burden to reach the power and stay in it for ever ,,the religion and political systems in our region (Arab world) ,must be criticised and reformed without that it is impossible to face terrorism steadfastly and with success .



religious pillars (Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia)of  Arab regimes

-Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia appeared recently in the last century  ,is seen as the most unrelenting supporter of dictatorial Arab regimes.

-this religious current in the Arab world  supporting the Arab regimes are the only responsible like Arab tyrannies for the political decadence in this region until now. 

-this branch of religious  ideology is against any form of opposition  vis-a-vis the regime ,they are especially against the islamists of Muslim brotherhood (ikhwan mouslimoun), by the way in 2014 they have supported a coup d’etat led by a general in Egypt army against the president of Egypt elected by people in free election, because this president  belonged to Muslim brotherhood.

-in the 1990’s they supported gulf leaders when Iraq invaded Kuwait ,they were behind US army to free Kuwait by the mobilization of people in favour of this war and  the gulf  monarchs and princes.

-the members of Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia don’t hesitate to urge people to obey the head of state even if he is  morally dirty or porn star !!!

-the steadfast support of al-jamidia al-madkhalia  toward the regimes is not innocent as this sect receive lavishly subsidies and financial support from these regimes.

-they do not flinch from supporting the monarch or the prince to kill the third of  the population if they do not obey the leader ,and maintain the leader in the throne .

-but some political analysts say ,this religious movement  (Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia)of the Arab palaces are suspected to be simply the service secret of these  regimes ,and they use religion to have legitimacy in the eyes of people ,who unfortunately swallow everything coming from religion without any check or filter.

-they (Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia)resort to distorted and outdated religious texts to legitimatize and bleach their stubborn and blind support to political leader ,who is considered as the shadow of god in this earth!!!, without taking into account the interest of people.

-this is an obvious  sign that the religion can be used to do everything and its opposite.

-these supporters (Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia)of tyrannical regimes in the Arab world ,hiding behind the religion ,they don’t know their ideology or religion is not different from late religions in middle east like Egyptian religion or Mesopotamian  religion or the bloody Herod for example ; for which the bloodshed is the only way to solve problems between subjects and those in the power, without any mercy.


a Stalinist verdict for the protesters of Al-Hoceima

-the court verdict against the protesters of Al-Hoceima was cruel.

-This verdict has sentenced the free protesters of Al-Hoceima to several years in prison.

-The leading figures have obtained 20 years in prison  each ,as ‘Nasser Azefzafi’ .

-by this verdict the Moroccan judicial system demonstrates that it is light years away from a state of law, we are rather a state in which the judiciary is receiving order from those believing they are above the law ,unaccountable.

-the protesters who took to the street to ask for schools and universities for their children and hospitals for the sick, (besides this region of Morocco and the north morocco   record the highest number of cancer cases in Morocco ,since this region was the scene of the use of chemical weapons against civilians during the war between Franco’s Spain and Rif’s resistance, in this  war even France had participated  ,in 1920’s ); these demonstrators were unfortunately greeted by police batons , bludgeons and threats of imprisonment.

-the only hope for the regime to rectify the situation is during the upcoming appeal, where the court system must demonstrate that it respects human dignity, rather than throwing people into jail  to ruin the rest of their life.

– the real culprits of Al-Hoceima’s tragedy may be fired but not judged, is what must be done so that the politician does not believe that he is outside any form of accountability ,because he is appointed by the regime.

– the process of appointing high ranking officials  must be more transparent and free of all forms of patronage and favoritism.