Gaza western cemetery of Children & Babies

-We see Western regimes without nobleness and greatness killing and rampaging a city, bombing hospitals, schools, humanitarian corridors ...etc.

-Palestinians unfortunately experienced in the space of seventy years, holocaust pogrom ethnic cleansing concentration camps…. etc.

-Some consider Gaza as a huge concentration camp in which people are used like guinea pigs by Western regimes to test their weapons, and other methods of torture like the lack of sleep, daily humiliation, embargo of food and medicines...etc.

-Western hypocrisy has reached a world record when it comes to human rights

-Western regimes give the green light to Israel to do everything to destroy completely Gaza, as there is no judicial authority in the West to try Western criminals of war, in the countries chanting human rights from dawn to dusk.

-As for biased Western media the human life of an Israeli is more important than the life of a Palestinian, not to mention many journalists were killed in Gaza without being defended and supported by the Western media machine, almost one journalist every day.

-As for extremists inside the Israeli government they promote hatred racism and supremacism, one politician inside the government said Gaza must be nuked, this naïve person doesn't know nuclear radiation will kill Israeli citizens too.

-About more than two atomic bombs like Hiroshima were launched on Palestinians, I think Gaza is the zone on this planet which had received the most bombs compared to other cities throughout the world.

-As for Western regimes they have a tendency to lie to their people since forever, because they take Western people for fouls

-Many salads were sold to Western people like the salad of the Vietnam War the salad of 9 /11 in 1973 in chili, the salad of the putsch in Iran against Mosadak ...etc. The last salad is the beheaded babies in Israel beheaded by Hamas

-In Europe, Nazis did not respect minorities when they reached power, it is exactly the fate of Palestinians inside the western block, they are unfortunately a minority, humiliated, insulted, wounded, jailed, and killed.

-We have a tendency to seeing Western regimes speak about the Geneva Conventions when it comes to protecting their own interests, but the same conventions are absent in the Western agenda when it comes to defending the rights of others, what a shame.

-These Uncivilized Western regimes control the UN and the international court in the Netherlands, and Palestinians do not have any resort but to rely on themselves and some of their respectful friends.


 Japanisation of Europe

-about many US military barracks are in Europe, it is a sign that Europe is a USA vassal.

-Europe is docile and obeying any order coming from Uncle Sam, starting from shutting down the pipelines bringing cheap gas to Europe from Russia, and buying expensive shale gas from the USA, among others.

-shale gas from the USA is not environmentally friendly, which junks completely the policy of many European countries regarding green energy and the protection of the environment for the next generation.

-in this case, Europe is playing the slave of the USA not even the servant.

-When it comes to buying weapons, Europe is financing the US militaro-industrialo complex, instead of promoting its own industry of weaponry.

-most European countries buy weapons from the USA instead of buying weapons from European countries like France or Spain … etc.

-Europe is home to at least 60 000 US troops; At 33 900, Germany has the highest number of US troops in Europe, and the second highest in the world; followed by Italy at 12 300 and the UK at 9 300.

-However, the number of US troops stationed in Germany has more than halved between 2006 and 2020, dropping from 72 400 to 33 900.

-the US had around 750 military bases in at least 80 countries throughout the world according to statistics from July 2021.

-With 120 active military bases, Japan has the highest number of US bases in the world followed by Germany with 119 and South Korea with 73.

-we have witnessed recently a swaggering blustering speech from France’s president, saying Europe should not follow blindly USA, it must defend its interests; too little too late Mr President.

-by the way, many European countries had vehemently slammed Macron for his sacrilege, which is a sign, Europe is not only accepting playing the vassal of the USA but enjoying it.


  Morocco is banning China  due to the surge of Coronavirus !!!!!

-morocco witnessed the first wave of coronavirus on mars in 2020, and we are now at the end of the fifth wave.

-the death toll of coronavirus in morocco is about 16 284  as the Total of  cases is 1 268 440.

-financially the cost of coronavirus is huge and unbearable, the loss of job ,foreclosure financial bankruptcy ,debt ...etc.

-socialwise the cases of divorces had increased as well as domestic violence ,and suicide ,the suicide is a taboo in morocco ,as it is banned by traditions .

-the move of morocco to ban flight coming from china is driven by the fact morocco does not have complete medical infrastructure and staff to face the surge   ,and a wave of coronavirus coming from china or elsewhere it will be a real ordeal and will stretch Moroccan medical staff and infrastructure to breaking point .

-Coronavirus Cases worldwide is about  : 637,435,939 ;Deaths: 6,604,733.

1-USA ,total cases 99,602,478 ,total death 1,098,038.

2-India ,total cases  44,659,447         ,total death  530,486.

3-France, total cases  36,920,064      ,total death  157,277.

4-Germany ,total cases  35,823,771       ,total death  154,535.

5-Brazil  ,total cases  34,890,243   ,total death  688,384.

6-S. Korea ,total cases  25,801,564     ,total death  29,354.

7-UK ,total cases  23,930,041   ,total death  194,704.

8-Italy ,total cases  23,642,011   ,total death  179,436.

9-Japan ,total cases  22,608,547    ,total death  46,981.

10-Russia ,total cases  21,459,284    ,total death  390,526.

11-Turkey ,total cases  16,919,638    ,total death  101,203.

12-Spain ,total cases  13,529,643    ,total death  115,239.

13-Vietnam ,total cases 11,505,249    ,total death  43,165.

14-Australia  ,total cases  10,417,273    ,total death  15,786.

15-Argentina  ,total cases  9,718,875   ,total death  129,991.

16-Netherlands ,total cases  8,521,729   ,total death  22,84.

17-Taiwan ,total cases  7,863,193   ,total death  13,151.

18-Iran ,total cases  7,558,002   ,total death  144,587.

19-Mexico ,total cases  7,113,132   , total death  330,415.

20-Indonesia, total cases  512,913  , total death  158,768.

-many counties throughout the world had imposed on people coming from china stiff measures and tests before going into their respective  countries.

-China did not like that and threatening with retaliatory measures against these countries,as china is seeing that as excessive measures against its own citizens.






The Political Israeli constipation 

-Israel was created in 1948 by a UN  resolution , dividing Palestinian land between Palestinians and Israelis ,since then the elections were held periodically without any problem in general ;

-this weird country had waged wars against its neighbors ,most of them were won by Israel some of them were a draw ,especially 1973 war ,like in football match

-the GDP of Israel is about 480 billion dollars which makes this country among the most rich in middle east (profiting from western umbrella, as Israel does not undergo any political or financial embargo even when this country perpetrates horrid crimes against its neighbors  ,unlike Iran Iraq for example ).

-Israel is the most powerful country militarily in middle east according to western criteria ,but recent wars against Hezbolah   and lately against Hamas supported by Iran did not prove Israel has a professional army but an army specialist in destroying civilian infrastructures and killing of civilians and innocent people ;unfortunately like most of the armies throughout the world we see what is happening in Syria Yemen Iraq Afghanistan and Vietnam and recently in Ukraine  .

-Israel will hold the fifth election in the period of four years ,at the beginning of November this year new elections will be held;,that means the political Israeli model is cracking from side to side .

-by the way ,it is impossible to build up a modern state using the mixture of religious , extremist  , racist  and  modern political parties ,that will give you an undrinkable cocktail  ,and unsustainable political system .

-Israel is the only state in the world resorting to frantic religious apartheid under the umbrella , applause of western secular democracy!!!! .

- 70 years of apartheid ; about more than 100 atomic bombs giving by western regimes to Israel, not to mention sophisticated weapons ,nuclear submarines coming especially from Germany ,in the frame of  world war two compensation but who in the west of human rights will  indemnify Palestinians for 70 years of apartheid ,i do not think western regimes are ready to put their hands in their pockets. .

-while these western regimes don’t want Iran to have nuclear bombs even nuclear civil technology .

- it is ludicrous and laughable when you see western press blaming American president for shaking the hand of MBS the crown prince of Saudi Arabia  but  this democratic press does not say anything  when American president pay an extravagant visit to Israel ,every one knows Israel  is an apartheid country sucking politically the blood of Palestinians  .



Morocco Spain Algeria who is guilty (23 African dead)

-on Friday 24th June African desperate immigrants stormed Mlilia to reach Spain and Europe ,but instead of going to Spain 23 of them died due to stampede ,according to Moroccan and Spain version ,but according to immigrants ,that is due to excessive violence of Moroccan and Spanish police .

-some accuse Algeria of sending violent immigrants to invade Spain in order to send a message to Morocco and Spain regimes , which started their c operation at every levels especially in gas sector, intelligence security etc ... .

-many human rights organizations urged to open a transparent inquiry to investigate deeply the death of 23 African immigrants .

-for the time being morocco and Spain bury the hatchet .

-Spain government hails the autonomy plan for western Sahara presented by morocco .

-but morocco and Spain relationship was strained two years ago ;last year the moroccan regime had loosened its grip on border which led to having Spain (sebta melilia)being invaded by desperate Moroccans coming from RIF even from Casablanca for job in Spain !!!!! .

-by the way moroccan regime by this reckless gesture ,the regime wanted to harass Spain ,but the magic turned against sorcerer ;the officials of Rabat had shown 70 years in power of the monarchy were in vain as most of the Moroccans want to drown in the sea instead of staying in their country or what is left of it !!!,a country which does not give them a modicum of hope and opportunity .

-further more , the moroccan naive regime did not do anything to ask for financial compensation or at least an apology from Spain state for using chemical munitions and weapons against civilians at the beginning of twentieth century in RIF region .

- some political parties in Spain with their colonial background expressed once again their delirium to force Morocco monarchy to recognize Sebta and Mlilia as a spanish territory.

-during the summer to welcome Moroccans living abroad ,Marhaba operation has been inaugurated at the 5th June 2022 after two years of border shutdown ;in this operation more than four millions Moroccans living abroad especially in Europe will go back to Morocco to vacation with their family here in Morocco and feast religious festival of “aid al adha ” .

-the remittance of Moroccans living abroad can reach this year an amount of 80 billion Dirhams (about 8 billion dollars ).