Gaza western cemetery of Children & Babies

-We see Western regimes without nobleness and greatness killing and rampaging a city, bombing hospitals, schools, humanitarian corridors ...etc.

-Palestinians unfortunately experienced in the space of seventy years, holocaust pogrom ethnic cleansing concentration camps…. etc.

-Some consider Gaza as a huge concentration camp in which people are used like guinea pigs by Western regimes to test their weapons, and other methods of torture like the lack of sleep, daily humiliation, embargo of food and medicines...etc.

-Western hypocrisy has reached a world record when it comes to human rights

-Western regimes give the green light to Israel to do everything to destroy completely Gaza, as there is no judicial authority in the West to try Western criminals of war, in the countries chanting human rights from dawn to dusk.

-As for biased Western media the human life of an Israeli is more important than the life of a Palestinian, not to mention many journalists were killed in Gaza without being defended and supported by the Western media machine, almost one journalist every day.

-As for extremists inside the Israeli government they promote hatred racism and supremacism, one politician inside the government said Gaza must be nuked, this naïve person doesn't know nuclear radiation will kill Israeli citizens too.

-About more than two atomic bombs like Hiroshima were launched on Palestinians, I think Gaza is the zone on this planet which had received the most bombs compared to other cities throughout the world.

-As for Western regimes they have a tendency to lie to their people since forever, because they take Western people for fouls

-Many salads were sold to Western people like the salad of the Vietnam War the salad of 9 /11 in 1973 in chili, the salad of the putsch in Iran against Mosadak ...etc. The last salad is the beheaded babies in Israel beheaded by Hamas

-In Europe, Nazis did not respect minorities when they reached power, it is exactly the fate of Palestinians inside the western block, they are unfortunately a minority, humiliated, insulted, wounded, jailed, and killed.

-We have a tendency to seeing Western regimes speak about the Geneva Conventions when it comes to protecting their own interests, but the same conventions are absent in the Western agenda when it comes to defending the rights of others, what a shame.

-These Uncivilized Western regimes control the UN and the international court in the Netherlands, and Palestinians do not have any resort but to rely on themselves and some of their respectful friends.