religious pillars (Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia)of  Arab regimes

-Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia appeared recently in the last century  ,is seen as the most unrelenting supporter of dictatorial Arab regimes.

-this religious current in the Arab world  supporting the Arab regimes are the only responsible like Arab tyrannies for the political decadence in this region until now. 

-this branch of religious  ideology is against any form of opposition  vis-a-vis the regime ,they are especially against the islamists of Muslim brotherhood (ikhwan mouslimoun), by the way in 2014 they have supported a coup d’etat led by a general in Egypt army against the president of Egypt elected by people in free election, because this president  belonged to Muslim brotherhood.

-in the 1990’s they supported gulf leaders when Iraq invaded Kuwait ,they were behind US army to free Kuwait by the mobilization of people in favour of this war and  the gulf  monarchs and princes.

-the members of Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia don’t hesitate to urge people to obey the head of state even if he is  morally dirty or porn star !!!

-the steadfast support of al-jamidia al-madkhalia  toward the regimes is not innocent as this sect receive lavishly subsidies and financial support from these regimes.

-they do not flinch from supporting the monarch or the prince to kill the third of  the population if they do not obey the leader ,and maintain the leader in the throne .

-but some political analysts say ,this religious movement  (Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia)of the Arab palaces are suspected to be simply the service secret of these  regimes ,and they use religion to have legitimacy in the eyes of people ,who unfortunately swallow everything coming from religion without any check or filter.

-they (Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia)resort to distorted and outdated religious texts to legitimatize and bleach their stubborn and blind support to political leader ,who is considered as the shadow of god in this earth!!!, without taking into account the interest of people.

-this is an obvious  sign that the religion can be used to do everything and its opposite.

-these supporters (Al-Jamidia Al-Madkhalia)of tyrannical regimes in the Arab world ,hiding behind the religion ,they don’t know their ideology or religion is not different from late religions in middle east like Egyptian religion or Mesopotamian  religion or the bloody Herod for example ; for which the bloodshed is the only way to solve problems between subjects and those in the power, without any mercy.



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