The frantic race towards the moon

The Americans were the first to go to the moon.
-the Americans who went to the moon picked up stones for study and souvenir !!!.
-the first twelve men who walked on the moon were Americans.
-This has whetted the appetite of Soviet Union yesterday and Russia today in addition to China and India to send their crew to the moon .
– while Brazil, Europe, Japan orbit around the moon.
-But the conquest of space is not only the affair of the states, it has also become the business of private companies, wanting their share of cake ;Spacex of Elon Musk wants to send humans on Mars by 2024 ; Richard Bronson’s company ,Virgin Galactic wants to organise trips to space ; Amazon’s CEO with his company Blue Origin want to place men on the moon to found lunar colonies ;These private companies want to consolidate their business by competing with state space agencies .
– having a space technology means that you have the ability to strike everywhere with ballistic missiles, hence the fear towards Iranian space technologies.
-USA has dedicated more than tens of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of staff working steadfastly to go to the moon in 1969.
– China begins to explore the hidden face of the moon by sending out space equipment, the hidden face of the moon has been flown by other powers and never explored.
– in terms of ranking USA is in the first place, Russia ,China Europe next.
-the gravity of the moon is 6 times less than of the earth, so it takes 40 times less energy to take off from the moon, the moon can be used as a take-off hub to other planets .
-Some hope that collaboration in space can avoid conflict between states !!
-between 400 km and 36 000 km from the earth, this is the place where satellites can be placed in orbit, it is a fruitful business ,hence private companies are working to have their share of cake .
– China on January 11, 2007 destroyed its own satellite by a guided missile, this is a way to
show its power and flex its muscles in the space .


Another sex scandal in Morocco

7 years old girl in ‘Oulad Iyad’ in ‘Fkih Bensaleh’ town ,born in 18 December  2000, separated from her family for almost two months by her kidnappers.

-but before being kidnapped ,on the 26th of Ramadan (about 13th June) she went to her family for  holiday visit .

– according to what she said, she was kidnapped by two men on a motorcycle with a knife, they threatened her if she did not obey.

-This girl was burned by cigarettes and tattooed all over her body by her rapists, according to this girl.

– she was raped by eleven men between 18 and  30 years old during these two months of disappearance, sold for prostitution to several men for several days.

-the girl’s parents went to the police to report her disappearance.

-the kidnappers and the rapists have denied all the accusations of this teenager, arguing that this girl was consenting!!!, while she is just a teenage girl.

– for some months in Morocco we are bombarded by anecdotes of sexual characters such as, for example,  a hashtag “be a man” in Arabic  ‘koun rajel’ asking men to control women and prevent them from undressing too much at the beach, a method used by religious extremists to control women.

– another anecdote is the story of a man who raped a baby leading to the death of this  innocent baby  ,what a shame !!!.


Suicide in Morocco

– The suicide rate in Morocco is among the highest in the Arab world, according to some statistics 1 out of 2 Moroccans is melancholic .

-the suicide  touches all strata of society ,the rich and  the poor.

-the causes of suicide are due to psychiatric problems, rapes, financial problems , debts … etc., the individual in our time is measured by his money more than by something else, besides some commit suicide because unable to buy the sheep for Al-aid (a religious feast), it’s a humiliation !!!

– The lack of psychotherapists in schools is one of the factors that increases the suicide rate among young people.

– Moreover the excessive consumption of narcotics  leads people to schizophrenia, whether they are young or not.

-there are more men than women who commit suicide in Morocco.

-the suicide rate has doubled in ten years. In morocco  , and this suicide rate is increasing. worldwide, not just in Morocco.


Witchcraft in Morocco

-86% of Moroccans believe in witchcraft, and 93% believe in jinn.

-In some areas in Morocco children are killed to find supposed treasures!!!

-in some cases the massive use of tortured animals is observed, such as a cat with sewn mouth to perform certain rituals during the Ashura holiday (religious feast).

-Most charlatans exploit the naivety of people especially those who have problems of marriage, addiction to narcotics, family problems … etc.

-but some consider these rites of witchcraft as a lost science or lost religions of Mesopotamia and Egypt civilizations.

-Moreover, the relation to the supernatural is an inevitable stage of human evolution.

-Even in secularized and modern societies, in the West or in Asia, there is this kind of practice likes sorcery … etc.

-In Morocco it touches all social classes as everywhere in the world.

-Some mammals like rats can develop cases of superstitions like other animals.




Robots obey human being brain???

some researchers wanted to create a new robot receiving instructions through the electrical signals of the human brain; This technique is based on a new algorithm equations monitoring brain activity in search of certain electrical signals, and pave the way for humans to control robots in the future without any physical effort but only by brain signals .
A robot that can receive instructions through the electrical signals of the human brain, and could change its actions immediately if the robot notices the person who is controlling detected an error; the utilization of such approach can improve the control of robots in many domains.
in order that the robot receives instructions from the user, the robot would have to co-experience with the person wearing the device measuring brain signals controlling the mental activities and communicating with the robot .
Using the algorithm equations devised by the research team, the robot was able to receive mental signals from volunteer monitors during the period ranging from 10 to 30 milliseconds, which means that in the case of any errors, it will receive a letter from the brain of the user to correct these errors immediately.
The human being will take small steps toward teaching machines about us and make them adapt to our way of thinking, it will be wonderful in the future that working robots behave like human being, without being dangerous of course !!! .

Les robots obéissent au cerveau humain ???
Le nouveau robot reçoit des instructions à travers les signaux électriques du cerveau humain ; Cette technique est basée sur une nouvelle équation de l’algorithme qui surveille l’activité du cerveau à la recherche de certains signaux électriques, et pourrait ouvrir la voie à l’homme pour contrôler des robots à l’avenir, sans aucun effort physique mais par les signaux générés par son cerveau .
Des chercheurs ont crée un robot qui peut recevoir une instruction par les signaux électriques du cerveau humain, et peut changer ses actions immédiatement si la personne qui regarde et contrôle ,remarque que le robot a commis une erreur.
L’utilisation d’une telle approche peut améliorer le contrôle des robot par des simples signaux qui émanent de notre cerveau ;En utilisant les équations de l’algorithme mis au point par l’équipe de recherche, un robot a été capable de recevoir de signaux mentaux des moniteurs durant la période allant de 10 à 30 millisecondes, ce qui signifie que dans le cas des erreurs, il recevra une lettre du cerveau de l’utilisateur de corriger ces erreurs immédiatement.
L’être humain va graduellement adapter les robots à notre façon de penser, ce sera merveilleux à l’avenir que les robots se comportent comme nous , sans être dangereux bien sûr !!!.