Tim Cook salary

Tim Cook made about 40 million dollars while the company lost 26% of its market value ;you can see easily executive compensation is not properly associated with performance; by the way Apple’s board decided this past year to align its CEO’s pay with the company’s performance.
But in the market there are far worse cases of CEO’s reaping highly excessive compensation while the company stock and fundamentals are going down the drain deeply.
by the way Tim Cook is not an exception in the world of profits of every color .
But do not forget Apple has the highest cash on hand of any Fortune 500 company ;I hope they have the courage to invest even part of it in many the countries that afforded them to be among the biggest high-tech company in the world .


Apple and China Mobile

US smartphone manufacturer Apple has reached an agreement with china mobile to bring its iPhone to the world’s biggest phone market. China prides itself on being the biggest mobile and smartphone market in the world ;and it will stay the first and the biggest unless India takes the lead .
The new deal is expected to boost Apple sales in China ;after this historic deal apple’s Shares in US technology have jumped 3% .
As for the Chinese firm ,it is the world’s largest carrier(China Mobile has more than 760 million subscribers.) and was one of three networks to be awarded China’s first 4G licences earlier this month ,a godsend for the giant Apple.
But on the downside Chinese sales of previous iPhone models had not been a glorious success, as consumers have turned to cheaper rival handsets from Samsung, and domestic Chinese developers.


Sony vs. Microsoft

Somes aid PS4 is smaller, lighter, and yet more powerful than the Xbox One , is that really real ,While the Xbox is huge and boxy, the PS4 is much slimmer and lighter; Is Sony simply superior to Microsoft when it comes to industrial design and engineering? Or is there another reason for the design difference between the PS4 and Xbox One?
the Xbox One is basically just a motherboard with a PC-style Blu-ray drive, 2.5-inch hard drive, and an APU with a huge heatsink and fan. There is a lot of empty space in the Xbox One.
Despite the PS4 integrating the PSU and being designed to have an easily removed hard drive, the console still only weighs around six pounds (2.7kg), while the Xbox One is a hefty eight pounds (3.6kg) .

Sony had sold one million play station 4 in north America recently ,the characteristics of the new play station 4 are good graphics ,blue ray player ,8 GO RAM ,web browser ,super processor ,voice or speech recognition ,and the advantage to share his great moments video game with friends . Play station 4 is the great rival of XBOX of Microsoft ,Microsoft had sold one million XBOX in one day the same record achieved by Sony


USA and races

USA is a melting-pot compared to many countries ,the majority of American population now is from Europe ,but there are minorities from Africa and Latin America ,but recently this melting-pot example is cracking from everywhere over the acquittal of many policemen after killing citizens of African origin ,as if there are two judiciary system in USA one for the majority and another one for the minority .
So American citizens of African origin supported by many NGO have taken to the street defending their rights as citizens of a democratic country !!!!, but the risk here is no one in the establishment is listening to their grievances seriously .
Another African American shot dead but the shooter is freed by the judiciary ,and the fact of having African president did not help to erase this injustice gradually and completely .
But speaking frankly,did black Americans behave differently when they are in the establishment circle ? the real answer is no ;in 2008 during the onslaught on Gaza ,the African future president of USA had supported the crimes against Gaza ,without any hesitation or remorse ,saying Israel has the right to defend itself ;it is not a secret for person in this planet ,when Israeli army attack ,the first target is civilians and their infrastructure (schools ,hospitals ,houses .etc ), killing by the way hundreds of innocent people (babies ,children .etc ) ;Another example, a women of African origin had been a minister of foreign office during the previous republican administration ,she was the backbone of American policy and the invasion of Iraq .
As you see without going far in this subject ,when African citizens become a member of establishment ,he or she exercises the same violence imposed on African Americans inside USA ,their bad experiences as a citizen of second degree did not help them to have different approach once in the power ,when they have the opportunity to make the change they do not do anything useful for the minorities .
as long as they do not make any effort to change the laws and overtime change the mentality of American majority ,as long as trigger happy policemen can shoot dead as many African Americans as they want without paying the price for that ,the black citizen will be not only the citizen of second zone but the citizen of no zone .

Arsenal at the top

As now Arsenal is in the top in Premier League ;for the Gunners it is the first time since the 2007-08 season .
Arsenal overtook Manchester City to regain top spot in the Premier League;but is was not easy ,during their match against Newcastle
The Gunners created several chances early on ,but Newcastle almost went ahead in first-half stoppage time when Moussa Sissoko’s shot was saved and Mathieu Debuchy headed against the bar.

(Everton 2 – 1 Southampton)

(Newcastle0 – 1Arsenal)

(Chelsea2 – 1Liverpool)

(Tottenham3 – 0Stoke)

(West Ham3 – 3West Brom)

(Aston Villa1 – 1Swansea)

(Hull6 – 0Fulham)

(Man City1 – 0Crystal Palace)

(Norwich0 – 1Man Utd)

(Cardiff2 – 2Sunderland)