a Stalinist verdict for the protesters of Al-Hoceima

-the court verdict against the protesters of Al-Hoceima was cruel.

-This verdict has sentenced the free protesters of Al-Hoceima to several years in prison.

-The leading figures have obtained 20 years in prison  each ,as ‘Nasser Azefzafi’ .

-by this verdict the Moroccan judicial system demonstrates that it is light years away from a state of law, we are rather a state in which the judiciary is receiving order from those believing they are above the law ,unaccountable.

-the protesters who took to the street to ask for schools and universities for their children and hospitals for the sick, (besides this region of Morocco and the north morocco   record the highest number of cancer cases in Morocco ,since this region was the scene of the use of chemical weapons against civilians during the war between Franco’s Spain and Rif’s resistance, in this  war even France had participated  ,in 1920’s ); these demonstrators were unfortunately greeted by police batons , bludgeons and threats of imprisonment.

-the only hope for the regime to rectify the situation is during the upcoming appeal, where the court system must demonstrate that it respects human dignity, rather than throwing people into jail  to ruin the rest of their life.

– the real culprits of Al-Hoceima’s tragedy may be fired but not judged, is what must be done so that the politician does not believe that he is outside any form of accountability ,because he is appointed by the regime.

– the process of appointing high ranking officials  must be more transparent and free of all forms of patronage and favoritism.