The end of the compensation fund in Morocco by 2020 !!!!


-The Moroccan government is creating a unified social register that is a national system of social net that allows to distribute the state aid to those who deserve to receive it, and to bury once  for all the fund of compensation, which was intended to keep prices low in the market and avoid inflation.

-Unfortunately, this famous compensation fund (5 billions dollars in 2014)benefits both the rich and the poor, since two-thirds of the money spent on this fund goes to the pockets of the rich because they are the ones who consume more, for example they consume more gasoline. subsidized by the state since they have more cars while the poor will never have a car throughout their life ,we can say the same thing about gas canisters .

-But why not take the wealth tax as a criterion to target the beneficiaries, it is easier to count the rich than to identify the poor, which are more numerous, but some say there are several ways to hide the incomes, so in Morocco the wealth tax can do nothing to solve this problem.

-Moreover, how can people who sleep in the streets and black workers be registered, while these reforms are aimed at households, and even the census of the poor will be difficult in Morocco.

-the middle class has almost disappeared in Morocco, so these so-called help will inevitably go to all Moroccans, the question is whether these ‘helps’ will satisfy those who will receive them ?, given the high cost of the life, and financial mediocrity of help .

– in addition , the bad example of ‘RAMED’ (system of government medical aid) that does not shine by its success, given the corruption that corrupts  this system of medical aid which targets eight million beneficiaries, this example is a criterion which predicts the failure of government to carry out the compensation fund reform successfully .

-some say why not take the example of certain countries like Brazil or other countries in the West to carry out these reforms intelligently .

-the greatest absent of these reforms is the rural world which is the most vulnerable, because it counts much more on the rain than on the government, whereas the rain in Morocco is like the casino games.

-reformwise , instead of stigmatizing the vulnerable classes by classifying them in a register, why not consider  these state aids, are only the taxes of these vulnerable classes, and these taxes return to their pockets (the vulnerable classes) since logically a poor person does not have to pay taxes at all, when in fact the vulnerable social classes pay them all the time either direct or indirect taxes.

-with no ambiguity  this showcase the incapacity of Moroccan politicians to even imagine words and terms to describe a situation well, they spend all their time copying and pasting laws from foreign countries, whereas they are copiously payed, to at least do their lawmaking work almost normally.








Bitcoin characteristics

-Bitcoin is independent of any central bank in the world .

-Bitcoin  is sure, and cannot be falsified ,

-Bitcoin   allows to buy on the internet.

– People wanting  to get rid of the central bank , because this state bank  is causing several  financial crises ,some people see the Bitcoin as their lifeline .

– as for the Bitcoin  Japan recognizes it as a currency.

-But Putin Russian president , says this Bitcoin can’t be traced ,therefore  it is risky to use it  .

-Bitcoin  ,Its current value is 5000 dollars starting with some cents years ago.

-A man wanting to create a currency in 2008 in the United States of America  was captured by the American authorities ,and jailed just for that .

-by the way ,If there is no confidence in the dollars, the dollar will collapse surely ,the currency is just the question of confidence ,the currency is an invention  not a wealth.


The convertibility of dirham the mirage adjourned!!!!


– Officials say that we should not be afraid of dirham liberalization because this process will take almost 15 years and we control the horizontal and the vertical of the situation !!, this did not prevent banks and speculators from  Buying currencies like the Dollars and the Euro massively as they were counting on the collapse of dirham and its devaluation which would allow speculators to earn money while falling asleep in their bedroom.

-officials decided to postpone this process after planning it for the beginning of July this year ,this shows that the officials do not control anything, and all what they said before were nothing but bullshit and childishness .

-Furthermore, the flexibility of Dirham means that we move from a fixed monetary regime to a flexible one, therefore  we would suffer from imported inflation due to the depreciation of the Dirham, since Morocco imports much more than it exports, inevitably the Dirham will slide down, and the goods will see their price going up.

-the problem is that the officials (the head of state !!, and his entourage !!, members of the central bank … etc) decided the flexibility of dirham without much discussion or debate and without explaining to people in which sauce they will be eaten, even  the people’s parliament and the head of government know nothing about it and yet these people are paid by the taxpayer.

– for Morocco to be able to face the consequences of Dirham liberalization its economy must be very competitive, some officials naively say that liberalization will lead companies to work hard to be competitive, it is stupid to say That, because these officials put the cart before the horse, the common sense says that it is necessary first to improve the competitiveness of the Moroccan economy before  engaging in this slippery slope, do Not forget what happened to some countries of Latin America like Argentina …. , If these officials really have a memory.

– this leads us to question the degree of intelligence of the Moroccan central bank which gives the impression that it controls nothing after having said that it controls everything, this bank decides without debate under the influence of IMF (The international monetary fund), while we talk in this kind of countries about the importance of democratic society all the time and about  involving the citizen in debates that affect their social ,political life  and their purse.

-the members of the central bank decide the life of the people when nobody has chosen them by a process of voting, this is the case unfortunately of most all central banks of the world ,a death blow to democracy !! .





Air Canada rouge in morocco

The airline “Air Canada rouge” organized a ceremony in the Canadian city of Montreal, for the launch of a new line linking the cities of Montreal and Casablanca, that coincides with the first flight departure, in the presence of a group of Canadian and Moroccan journalist ,With the presence of the Montreal airport manager, and director of the company, “Air Canada Rouge”, and a number of elected officials, as well as the first passengers of flight for “Air Canada” between the cities of Montreal and Casablanca.
Jim Sherry, Montreal airport manager, expressed his pleasure to attend the inauguration of the line, “Air Canada” to and from Morocco, promised to members to engage for the success of this new experience .
Honorary Director of the company, “Air Canada Rouge,” Craig Landry , who spent nearly 20 years at the service the company, he was credited with giving the great importance to the company on a global level, he expressed his pleasure that the first flight between the continent and North America by a Canadian company, which is the first company from North America directly penetrating Africa market.
mostly for the passengers the low price of the trip is the main factor to choose to travel in air Canada rouge, the First voyage by air from Montreal to Casablanca was the main factor behind the decision of traveler to travel on board the air Canada , especially those who were accompanying with young children.

Air Canada rouge au Maroc
La compagnie aérienne «Air Canada rouge» a organisé une cérémonie dans la ville canadienne de Montréal, pour le lancement d’une nouvelle ligne reliant les villes de Montréal et Casablanca, et pour coïncider avec le premier départ du vol, en présence des responsables et des journalistes canadiennes et marocaines ,avec la présence du directeur de l’aéroport de Montréal, et directeur de la société, “Air Canada Rouge”, et un certain nombre d’élus .
Jim Sherry, directeur de l’aéroport de Montréal, a exprimé son plaisir d’assister à l’inauguration de la ligne, «Air Canada» vers du Maroc, première de liaison de la société entre le Canada et le continent, et a promis aux membres de faire tout pour le succès de cette nouvelle expérience .
Directeur honoraire de la société, “Air Canada Rouge,” Craig Landry , qui a passé près de 20 ans dans l’entreprise au service «Air Canada», qui a été aussi crédité de donner le grand rayonnement à l’entreprise au niveau mondial, a exprimé son plaisir d’inaugurer le premier vol entre le continent africain et l’Amérique du Nord c’est donc la première entreprise en Amérique du Nord a pénétrer le marché Africain .
Pour les passagers le faible prix du voyage, de «Air Canada rouge » de Montréal à Casablanca est le principal facteur derrière leur décision de voyager à bord de l’avion, en particulier ceux qui accompagnaient les jeunes enfants.


Microsoft teams up with Toyota

The American software company Microsoft wants to enter the smart automotive sector like many of its competitors (Google), but instead of creating a new section for the automotive industry, Microsoft has decided to build a partnership with Toyota to produce the largest Japanese automotive company in the world.
Microsoft said in a statement on her blog that she has partnered with Toyota to create a world where cars are huge smart phones, with a default personal assistant that knows the best tracks, and alerts when it finds crowded situation which may cause you be late for a meeting …etc.
Microsoft added that Toyota announced recently the creation of a new company called “Toyota Connected” to serve as a data science center for the automotive industry as it seeks to link the cars to people’s daily life .
Both companies through this new project try to expand its capabilities to a large degree by building on the existing partnership .
“Toyota Connected” will evaluate and develop a myriad of techniques, such as the steering wheel to monitor heartbeat driver and his breathing, while the seat turns into balance provides continuous health monitoring in a manner quite similar to what can be done with some smart wearable devices.
Microsoft added that the system can communicate your car to other cars to see if there was a traffic jam and then inform you at which time you may be going to a meeting cinema …etc by sending an e-mail to let you know when to get out and not be delayed.
Microsoft has indicated that it will work with “Toyota Connected” to provide engineering support across a wide range of data and programs, pointing out that the new company will initially sell its products and services in the North American market, and then expand to other Toyota markets.

Microsoft s’associe à Toyota
la société américaine de logiciels Microsoft essaie d’entrer dans le secteur de l’automobile surtout dans le ‘smart car’ comme beaucoup de ses concurrents Google en l’occurrence , mais au lieu de créer une nouvelle branche pour l’industrie automobile, Microsoft a décidé de s’allier dans un partenariat avec Toyota pour donner naissance à la voiture intelligente ‘smart car’.
Microsoft a déclaré dans son blog qu’elle a établi un partenariat avec Toyota pour créer ‘un monde où les voitures sont un énorme téléphone intelligent ’ ,des voitures connectées comme des téléphones connectés
Microsoft a ajouté que Toyota a annoncé dernièrement la création d’une nouvelle société appelée ‘Toyota Connected’ pour servir de centre de données et de recherche pour l’industrie automobile, qui cherche à lier la vie quotidienne des voitures à des personnes utilisateurs .
Microsoft a déclaré que Toyota vise, à travers cette nouvelle société à accroître ses capacités dans une large mesure en misant sur le partenariat existant avec Microsoft.
Pour sa part, un responsable a dit: ‘Toyota Connected’ va évaluer et développer une multitude de techniques, telles que celle du volant pour surveiller le rythme cardiaque et la respiration de conducteur , alors que le siège se transforme en appareil de surveillance de la santé de conducteur, d’une manière tout à fait semblable à ce que font maintenant des appareils intelligents portables.
en ajoutant que le système peut faire communiquer la voiture à d’autres voitures pour voir s’il y a des embouteillage pour informer le conducteur de la situation afin de changer l’itinéraire ,le conducteur peut même recevoir un e-mail pour avoir à sa disponibilité d’autres itinéraire disponible pour éviter le retard.
Microsoft a indiqué qu’il travaillera avec ‘Toyota Connected’ pour fournir un soutien technique continu à travers un large éventail de données et des programmes , soulignant que la nouvelle société vendra d’abord ses produits et services dans le marché nord-américain, puis va s’étendre à d’autres marchés Toyota.