Morocco will host jointly the world cup 2030 with Spain & Portugal

Morocco could win it !!

-after many bids (1994 1998 2000 2006 2010 2026)Morocco at last will host the World Soccer Cup.

-the government is preparing an envelope of 20 billion  Dirhams (two billion dollars)to invest in updating and renovating of many stadiums to make them FIFA-compatible stadiums and meet the international standards  ,like the stadiums of Casablanca Agadir Marrakesh Tangier Fez and Rabat ;not to mention the building of a new stadium in the outskirt of Casablanca in Benslimane, which will be the biggest stadium in Africa .

-Morocco is dreaming to host the final match or the inauguration ceremony in the new Casablanca stadium, the cost of this stadium is five billion Dirhams (500 million dollars).

-the Honorable participation in the Qatar World Cup in 2022, gives Morocco the momentum to be chosen to host the World Cup.

-The financial envelope will be prepared as part of a partnership between the Moroccan government and Group CDG.

-as for stadiums renovation

Rabat stadium, Capacity: 53,000 ; Expandable to 69,500.

Casablanca new stadium Capacity: 113,000.

Casablanca Mohamed fifth stadium Capacity: 45,000.

Tangier Stadium Ibn Batuta Capacity: 65,000 ,Expandable to: 88,000.

Agadir Adrar stadium, Capacity: 45,480 , Expandable to 70,000.

Marrakesh stadium, Capacity: 45,240.

Fez Stadium, Capacity: 45,000.


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