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March 23, 2018 HASSAN

  -The Moroccan government is creating a unified social register that is a national system of social net that allows to distribute the state aid to those who deserve to receive it, and to bury once  for all the fund of compensation, which was intended to keep prices low in the market and avoid inflation….

November 6, 2017 HASSAN

-Bitcoin is independent of any central bank in the world . -Bitcoin  is sure, and cannot be falsified , -Bitcoin   allows to buy on the internet. – People wanting  to get rid of the central bank , because this state bank  is causing several  financial crises ,some people see the Bitcoin as their lifeline ….

July 31, 2017 HASSAN

  – Officials say that we should not be afraid of dirham liberalization because this process will take almost 15 years and we control the horizontal and the vertical of the situation !!, this did not prevent banks and speculators from  Buying currencies like the Dollars and the Euro massively as they were counting on…

July 1, 2016 HASSAN

The airline “Air Canada rouge” organized a ceremony in the Canadian city of Montreal, for the launch of a new line linking the cities of Montreal and Casablanca, that coincides with the first flight departure, in the presence of a group of Canadian and Moroccan journalist ,With the presence of the Montreal airport manager, and…

April 19, 2016 HASSAN

The American software company Microsoft wants to enter the smart automotive sector like many of its competitors (Google), but instead of creating a new section for the automotive industry, Microsoft has decided to build a partnership with Toyota to produce the largest Japanese automotive company in the world. Microsoft said in a statement on her…