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The Marathon of Thirst and Shame in Casablanca

Title The Marathon of Thirst and Shame in Casablanca
Slug Casablanca
Created Thursday, 30-Nov-17 19:18:02 UTC
Modified 2017-11-30 19:18:02
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-On October 29, Casablanca saw the organization of the marathon which was a real fiasco.
-Sometimes one wonders if Casaevent (responsible for the organization of this marathon) has specialists to organize and host this kind of sporting events?
-What can be said about the role of the mayor and elected officials, do they know that there is a marathon taking place in their city?
- At the end of this marathon, the children received no medals, and yet this ceremony was scheduled to encourage children to play the sport, what a waste !!.
- Even some professional marathoners received nothing, neither medals nor congratulations.
-The course of the marathon was changed on the eve of the marathon , it's a joke and the ultimate amateurism.
-The supply (water bottles ,towels ..etc ) was a real fiasco the athletes were entitled only to have a few bottles of water to quench their thirst.
-Some city-dwellers (living in Casablanca) have not left their cars at home because poorly informed or not informed at all by the organizers of this sporting event, we saw marathoners who were surprised by cars on the course of marathon !!!! .
-Even last year the same marathon was a true fiasco, officials have promised us that this bad organization will not happen again next year, these promises were just empty ones as usual .
-Several athletes have not finished this scandalous marathon, 107 men 11 women finished the marathon.
-The people are disgruntled, Morocco fantasizes about organizing the football world cup of 2026, with this poor marathon organization ,Morocco is badly promoted .