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Hooliganism at Al-Hoceima

Title Hooliganism at Al-Hoceima
Slug Al-Hoceima
Created Thursday, 30-Nov-17 19:16:14 UTC
Modified 2017-11-30 19:16:14
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Hooliganism at Al-Hoceima
Once again the hooliganism hit a Moroccan soccer at Al-Hoceima city ,many soccer fans had been wounded as well as policemen .
This hooliganism is a sign of social malaise ,poverty ,marginalization and radicalization of youth ,the lack of goals ,and the excessive use of narcotics .
Morocco wants to host 2026 soccer world cup ,but as long as the police are unable to deal with hooliganism professionally and efficiently ,morocco will not have the chance to host this famous world cup ,and it will be the fifth fiasco for morocco after 1994 ,1998 ,2006 and 2010 ,what a waste !!!!.