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The lost children of Morocco

Title The lost children of Morocco
Slug lost children
Created Monday, 15-Jan-18 19:45:11 UTC
Modified 2018-01-15 19:45:11
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The lost children of Morocco
-30 thousand minors children and several majors of single women currently live in Morocco without rights, since they are considered bastards by archaic Moroccan laws; also due to the resistance of some religious people and judges and junk politicians.
-Although Morocco has ratified international human rights conventions recently, these conventions are not respected, Morocco signed these conventions just for touristic cosmetic reasons or for the media hype ,whereas the reality is something else .
-As regards abortion, Article 490 penalizes the poorest who do not have the means to abort abroad, rejected by society, while the rich or those who have money can travel abroad for abortion doing it in irreproachable sanitary conditions since abortion is done at hospitals.
-650 abortions are performed per day in Morocco, that means 237 250 abortions a year in deplorable conditions ,given the lack of knowledge of the body by youth and unprotected sex.
-This crazy situation ,sometimes gives us innocent babies who are born in prison because their mothers are prosecuted for sex outside marriage, what type of future is awaiting these children who begin their life in prison, bearing the marks of the errors of their parents and the indifference of a part of society and the incompetent politicians who legislate in parliaments.
-To show you the enormous contradictions of our legal system which is unfortunately the image of our sick society, the Nador kisses between two young teenagers have cost these two teenagers to be thrown in prison, while those who must be there corrupt politicians and their acolytes are out.