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The reasons of Al-Hoceima revolt(Hirak)

Title The reasons of Al-Hoceima revolt(Hirak)
Slug Al-Hoceima
Created Friday, 29-Dec-17 16:26:57 UTC
Modified 2017-12-29 16:26:57
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-Lately, the court of auditors said that there are no wrongdoing and corruption in the development projects of Al-Hoceima, but there is the incompetence; it is odd to see that in the twenty first century the Moroccan administration is stuffed with incompetent people, graduates with nothing in their mind.
-According to the report of the court of accounts, Administrations do not communicate with themselves smoothly and well , hence the delays in the realization of projects.
-You could not start the projects on time because of the bureaucracy, and the incompetence of those who work in the administration at every level.
-644 projects signed in front of the administration, the construction of hospitals, schools ... etc. , but only 5 projects were born after a year and half !!
-Money to carry out these projects exists but the procedures of its use are heavy and useless,
-Incompetent and nonchalant people in the administration cost the state billions of Dirham every year with a mediocre efficiency.
-To avoid the repetition of this kind of delay, the governance model must change ,the power that is today a privilege, must turn into a duty with, the inevitable accountability.
-The control bodies, for example, the parliament, the court of audit ..etc. must work in concert instead of walking on the feet of each other or slouching while basking in their chairs without doing anything, and receive a significant salary at the end of the month.
-In fact some ministers do not work in collaboration, some are even in hostility, because they do not come from the same political obedience, they are copiously paid to do nothing and sleep.