Witchcraft in Morocco

-86% of Moroccans believe in witchcraft, and 93% believe in jinn.

-In some areas in Morocco children are killed to find supposed treasures!!!

-in some cases the massive use of tortured animals is observed, such as a cat with sewn mouth to perform certain rituals during the Ashura holiday (religious feast).

-Most charlatans exploit the naivety of people especially those who have problems of marriage, addiction to narcotics, family problems … etc.

-but some consider these rites of witchcraft as a lost science or lost religions of Mesopotamia and Egypt civilizations.

-Moreover, the relation to the supernatural is an inevitable stage of human evolution.

-Even in secularized and modern societies, in the West or in Asia, there is this kind of practice likes sorcery … etc.

-In Morocco it touches all social classes as everywhere in the world.

-Some mammals like rats can develop cases of superstitions like other animals.




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