The headlong rush of the Rabat regime

-Since almost 2016, the Moroccan regime has shown an incomparable and implacable aversion toward human rights in Morocco.

-The last example is the imprisonment of the academic Maathi Monjib, who disturbs the regime with his interventions as if we are still living under the Franco-Spanish protectorate.

-The regime and its acolytes have found another target, this target is Moroccan YouTubers living abroad the rigid regime seeks to issue an international arrest warrant to neutralize them, apparently the regime wants just the money (remittance) of Moroccans living abroad not their opinion.

-but I do not believe that Western countries are naive to fall into the trap set by the opportunist regime of Rabat.

- inside morocco, the morbid members of the regime are obsessed with those who criticize them, to the point of putting cameras in the bathrooms and bedrooms of their opponents to blackmail and humiliate them by broadcasting their photos and videos in the mentally disturbed media of the regime which blackmail these opponents into silencing them.

- fortunately, the academic Maathi Monjib was released after having gone on a hunger strike, by putting the resentful regime under internal and international pressure to release him and at the same time free the other prisoners of opinion who languish in Moroccan jails as if we are under the foul-smelling boots of tyranny.




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