The Bouya Omar hospital under scrutiny in Morocco

The Bouya Omar psychiatric hospital has just passed under a deep scrutiny of the Minister of Health, the results of this scrutiny are staggering and shocking, when it comes to the school level of people interned in this hospital ,the situation is as follows:
36% of the internees are of the primary level,
31% of the internees are of preparatory level
17% of the internees are of the secondary level,
5% of the internees are of university level,
12% of internees are illiterate.
Most patients of this hospital come from Casablanca, Tangier-Tetouan, Rabat, Marrakech etc, as for the conditions of the accommodation, we have four people per room, 70% of these patients do not receive medical treatment, 24% do not receive family visits, 23% are in a deplorable health, 19% show signs that they have received ill-treatments, every patient pays a sum of 750DH per month.
The Ministry of Health aims to close the psychiatric center ,which is in reality a mausoleum of a saint Moroccan mistakenly believed to cure all diseases of physical and
Psychological type


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