the accident of Tan-Tan a national traffic disaster

on April 10 ,Morocco has witnessed a deadly traffic accident as usual , on Thursday April 16 2015, the government spokesman said that most of the government meeting was focused on the accident of Tan-Tan, this blind accident between a bus and a tractor-trailer carrying gasoline had killed 34 people, including many children.
Experts expect the report of the scientific investigation , it is the only inquiry that will clear up many shadows hovering over this traffic accident , Anyone knows that the road No. 1, in which the accident took place is in good condition, in five years this is the first time a fatal accident takes place there.
Some parliamentarians intervening in the House of Representatives ,said that what happened is more than a normal car accident, and the truth will be revealed by the scientific investigation , because it is impossible that many people died, if it was a normal accident.
A few statistics, Morocco records every year about 4,000 dead and 50,000 wounded persons in the roads , Morocco has three million cars, compared to France, which has almost 40 million cars on the road with only 4,000 dead per year!!! We can say that Morocco is almost in civil road war which takes place every year??? .


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