Children of Morocco

Children of Morocco

-the little Adnan raped by a sexual predator, this affair has become the fodder of social networks, everyone is talking about even the officials of Morocco.
-a little girl used in satanic rituals to find treasure !!! Unfortunately, her death was of no interest to anyone while everyone is talking about the Adnan case as if the life of a little girl is less important .
-a fkih (a Muslim monotheist religious man) raped five little girls, this scandal has also gone unnoticed in social networks (scandal in our time; although the religions of the Middle East and traditions see no harm in seeing an elderly man marrying a little girl !!!).
-Marrakesh has become a world capital of paedophilia, while the monotheistic religious regime is completely silent, it does nothing to at least reduce the influx of paedophiles to Morocco by the police of the regime that knows almost everything about national and international terrorism , and nothing on paedophilia in Morocco, as if the Moroccan police is totally programmed against opponents, journalists and You-tubers ... etc.
-the children of the rural world their schools are almost dilapidated, some schools do not even have toilets, water, heating system ; the Covid-19 has made situation worse, since children do not have internet connections, computers or tablets to receive lessons at home, as usual some officials naively wonder why the level of pupils in rural areas is limited.
-the little maids (little nannies) who work in the villas and apartments of rich people, they work from dawn until sunset sometimes even until midnight, unfortunately these little girls are reduced to slavery by modern women of high society , with modern makeup !!! , these so-called modern women of course ask for new rights, being respected as women, having the same salary as men ... etc, purporting to be modern, these women are certainly modern by their clothes and makeup but medieval by mindset ; whereas these modern women from rich families exploit the miseries of these little girls and their families by making them do the dishes and dirty laundry… .etc for a pittance , when they demand urgently and constantly to have the same rights and salary as men !!! .



Another sex scandal in Morocco

7 years old girl in ‘Oulad Iyad’ in ‘Fkih Bensaleh’ town ,born in 18 December  2000, separated from her family for almost two months by her kidnappers.

-but before being kidnapped ,on the 26th of Ramadan (about 13th June) she went to her family for  holiday visit .

– according to what she said, she was kidnapped by two men on a motorcycle with a knife, they threatened her if she did not obey.

-This girl was burned by cigarettes and tattooed all over her body by her rapists, according to this girl.

– she was raped by eleven men between 18 and  30 years old during these two months of disappearance, sold for prostitution to several men for several days.

-the girl’s parents went to the police to report her disappearance.

-the kidnappers and the rapists have denied all the accusations of this teenager, arguing that this girl was consenting!!!, while she is just a teenage girl.

– for some months in Morocco we are bombarded by anecdotes of sexual characters such as, for example,  a hashtag “be a man” in Arabic  ‘koun rajel’ asking men to control women and prevent them from undressing too much at the beach, a method used by religious extremists to control women.

– another anecdote is the story of a man who raped a baby leading to the death of this  innocent baby  ,what a shame !!!.


the boycott campaign in Morocco is a real success

-the social networks created a boycott movement against three products, a dairy product (centralelaitière ), a mineral water product (sid ali ) and a service station (afriquia), a campaign that has succeeded in an extraordinary way.

– purchasing power of Moroccans is very low, while the prices are the prices of developed countries, which have a very high purchasing power.

-these companies say that real estate is expensive for investors, in addition to higher taxes ,and many factors make the prices very high in morocco .

-Among the causes of high prices is the multitude of trade intermediaries.

-the absence of price competition, and the existence of the tacit agreement between the economic operators, make that there is not really a difference of the prices between the different products of the same category.

-for example the mineral water is expensive in Morocco compared to Europe (in morocco two liters of mineral water cost about 10dh → 1euro while in Europe it doesn’t exceed 0.8euro ).

-in fact the competition council is not here ,it is absentminded , in this case who is the responsible for freezing this competition council, the head of government or the head of state ???.

– most of the economy of Morocco is not a liberal economy, we are in a cartel and illicit royalty economy; and the economic operators and businessmen, most of them are politicians, or closer to corrupt political power in Morocco.




The end of the compensation fund in Morocco by 2020 !!!!


-The Moroccan government is creating a unified social register that is a national system of social net that allows to distribute the state aid to those who deserve to receive it, and to bury once  for all the fund of compensation, which was intended to keep prices low in the market and avoid inflation.

-Unfortunately, this famous compensation fund (5 billions dollars in 2014)benefits both the rich and the poor, since two-thirds of the money spent on this fund goes to the pockets of the rich because they are the ones who consume more, for example they consume more gasoline. subsidized by the state since they have more cars while the poor will never have a car throughout their life ,we can say the same thing about gas canisters .

-But why not take the wealth tax as a criterion to target the beneficiaries, it is easier to count the rich than to identify the poor, which are more numerous, but some say there are several ways to hide the incomes, so in Morocco the wealth tax can do nothing to solve this problem.

-Moreover, how can people who sleep in the streets and black workers be registered, while these reforms are aimed at households, and even the census of the poor will be difficult in Morocco.

-the middle class has almost disappeared in Morocco, so these so-called help will inevitably go to all Moroccans, the question is whether these ‘helps’ will satisfy those who will receive them ?, given the high cost of the life, and financial mediocrity of help .

– in addition , the bad example of ‘RAMED’ (system of government medical aid) that does not shine by its success, given the corruption that corrupts  this system of medical aid which targets eight million beneficiaries, this example is a criterion which predicts the failure of government to carry out the compensation fund reform successfully .

-some say why not take the example of certain countries like Brazil or other countries in the West to carry out these reforms intelligently .

-the greatest absent of these reforms is the rural world which is the most vulnerable, because it counts much more on the rain than on the government, whereas the rain in Morocco is like the casino games.

-reformwise , instead of stigmatizing the vulnerable classes by classifying them in a register, why not consider  these state aids, are only the taxes of these vulnerable classes, and these taxes return to their pockets (the vulnerable classes) since logically a poor person does not have to pay taxes at all, when in fact the vulnerable social classes pay them all the time either direct or indirect taxes.

-with no ambiguity  this showcase the incapacity of Moroccan politicians to even imagine words and terms to describe a situation well, they spend all their time copying and pasting laws from foreign countries, whereas they are copiously payed, to at least do their lawmaking work almost normally.








the dead of the north of Morocco


-Informal economy  in the North plays the role of a social regulator ,given the absence of the state for decades in this region and despite the efforts made by the government since 1998, the gaps are huge in this region.

-We see every day women who shuttle between the north and the two Spanish cities Sebtta and Mlilia, to get supplies of goods without any dignity as the carry these goods on their shoulder like beast of burden  , which are then sold on the local market.

-but the incompetent government says what these women are doing is  illegal, they do not have the right to sell contraband products on the national market, even when some of them die because of a stampede ,it  is not important to the government; while the same government does nothing against the national networks of corruption and illicit enrichment, and the extortion of land, and exploitation of minerals in Morocco by private companies !!’, and illegal fishing on the high seas … etc, against all these anomalies the government of the people does nothing!!! .

– besides the products of contraband are freely sold in shops of Derb Ghalef (Casablanca), these shops have patents, it means that they are legal.

-We are in front of scavenger business, where the dignity of people has no value.

-the smuggling  has disappeared almost in the industrialized countries because there is a real policy  of wealth distribution, and economic prosperity ,while in poor or less industrialized countries or countries gangrened by corruption at all levels, poor people live off the smuggling , because it is the only way to survive.