the shadow of  SAMIR is hovering over Morocco  

-oil price in morocco was soaring since the beginning of Ukrainian war  now the price is about 14 dirhams ,it was about 16 dirhams  during the beginning of world crisis .

-Some put down the high price to the shutdown of the SAMIR refinery the first and the only refinery in morocco .

-This refinery was shut down due to the mismanagement of this company by its owner a Saudi investor (Amoudi) ; SAMIR owes Moroccan state 40 billions Dirhams (four billions dollars ) ,this huge sum  is taxes due to Morocco government from SAMIR(Société anonyme marocaine de l'industrie du raffinage) .

-SAMIR was a state company , the privatisation of this state oil company was achieved in the middle of 1990’s .

-a complete opaque prevatisation ,we heard later it was privatised to some one from Saudi Arabia close to Moroccan religious regime.

-now this affair of SAMIR is under the scrutiny of justice  or what is left of it !!!!

-Moroccan government is trying to find investors to take this ailing company, but I do not think the investors will rush to take this ailing company ,because they must pay the debt of this oil refinery company which amounts to four billion dollars

-morocco oil reserve is now 28 days it is very risky as the world trend is three months.

-this refinery is now out of service  since years that put morocco in dire situation in case of major world oil crisis ,this oil crisis is looming up since the war in Ukraine.

-gasoline had reached  about 16 Dirhams  during the beginning of Ukrainian war ,it was before Ukrainian crisis about 12 Dirhams .

-morocco could face a harsh economic and financial period in case the Ukrainian war drags on  we must be ready for high unemployment rate and poverty  and their string of  consequences like political turmoil, terrorism and social  unrest like criminality prostitution and narcotics consumption  _

-some statistics about oil  ,93.5% of oil reserves by countries:

Venezuela 17.8% (303.806 billion barrels ) ;

Saudi Arabia 17.2%(258.600 billion barrels ) ;

Canada 9.8 %(220.000 billion barrels ) ;

Iran 9.0%(208.600 billion barrels ) ;

Iraq 8.4% (145.019 billion barrels );

Russia 6.2% (80.000 billion barrels ) ;

Kuwait  5.9 %(101.500 billion barrels );

UAE  5.6%  (97.800 billion barrels );

USA 4.0%  (52.637 billion barrels ) ;

Libya  2.8%  (48.363 billion barrels );

Nigeria 2.1% (36.890 billion barrels );

Kazakhstan 1.7% ( );

Qatar  1.5%  ( );

China 1.5% ( ) ;

Others 6.5% ( ).

-world oil consumption by million of barrels per day ,US consumption 19.78 million per day ,EU consumption is 16.94 million barrels a day ,as for the rest  world 97.1  MN BPD.

-USA abroad oil sales are about 5 million barrels;,they are sold outside USA to Italy ,France, Netherlands, China ,so part of USA strategic oil reserves is sold abroad.

-Russia is the largest exporter of gas to Europe, it accounts for 40% of European consumption.



Morocco Spain Algeria who is guilty (23 African dead)

-on Friday 24th June African desperate immigrants stormed Mlilia to reach Spain and Europe ,but instead of going to Spain 23 of them died due to stampede ,according to Moroccan and Spain version ,but according to immigrants ,that is due to excessive violence of Moroccan and Spanish police .

-some accuse Algeria of sending violent immigrants to invade Spain in order to send a message to Morocco and Spain regimes , which started their c operation at every levels especially in gas sector, intelligence security etc ... .

-many human rights organizations urged to open a transparent inquiry to investigate deeply the death of 23 African immigrants .

-for the time being morocco and Spain bury the hatchet .

-Spain government hails the autonomy plan for western Sahara presented by morocco .

-but morocco and Spain relationship was strained two years ago ;last year the moroccan regime had loosened its grip on border which led to having Spain (sebta melilia)being invaded by desperate Moroccans coming from RIF even from Casablanca for job in Spain !!!!! .

-by the way moroccan regime by this reckless gesture ,the regime wanted to harass Spain ,but the magic turned against sorcerer ;the officials of Rabat had shown 70 years in power of the monarchy were in vain as most of the Moroccans want to drown in the sea instead of staying in their country or what is left of it !!!,a country which does not give them a modicum of hope and opportunity .

-further more , the moroccan naive regime did not do anything to ask for financial compensation or at least an apology from Spain state for using chemical munitions and weapons against civilians at the beginning of twentieth century in RIF region .

- some political parties in Spain with their colonial background expressed once again their delirium to force Morocco monarchy to recognize Sebta and Mlilia as a spanish territory.

-during the summer to welcome Moroccans living abroad ,Marhaba operation has been inaugurated at the 5th June 2022 after two years of border shutdown ;in this operation more than four millions Moroccans living abroad especially in Europe will go back to Morocco to vacation with their family here in Morocco and feast religious festival of “aid al adha ” .

-the remittance of Moroccans living abroad can reach this year an amount of 80 billion Dirhams (about 8 billion dollars ).


Children of Morocco

Children of Morocco

-the little Adnan raped by a sexual predator, this affair has become the fodder of social networks, everyone is talking about even the officials of Morocco.
-a little girl used in satanic rituals to find treasure !!! Unfortunately, her death was of no interest to anyone while everyone is talking about the Adnan case as if the life of a little girl is less important .
-a fkih (a Muslim monotheist religious man) raped five little girls, this scandal has also gone unnoticed in social networks (scandal in our time; although the religions of the Middle East and traditions see no harm in seeing an elderly man marrying a little girl !!!).
-Marrakesh has become a world capital of paedophilia, while the monotheistic religious regime is completely silent, it does nothing to at least reduce the influx of paedophiles to Morocco by the police of the regime that knows almost everything about national and international terrorism , and nothing on paedophilia in Morocco, as if the Moroccan police is totally programmed against opponents, journalists and You-tubers ... etc.
-the children of the rural world their schools are almost dilapidated, some schools do not even have toilets, water, heating system ; the Covid-19 has made situation worse, since children do not have internet connections, computers or tablets to receive lessons at home, as usual some officials naively wonder why the level of pupils in rural areas is limited.
-the little maids (little nannies) who work in the villas and apartments of rich people, they work from dawn until sunset sometimes even until midnight, unfortunately these little girls are reduced to slavery by modern women of high society , with modern makeup !!! , these so-called modern women of course ask for new rights, being respected as women, having the same salary as men ... etc, purporting to be modern, these women are certainly modern by their clothes and makeup but medieval by mindset ; whereas these modern women from rich families exploit the miseries of these little girls and their families by making them do the dishes and dirty laundry… .etc for a pittance , when they demand urgently and constantly to have the same rights and salary as men !!! .



Another sex scandal in Morocco

7 years old girl in ‘Oulad Iyad’ in ‘Fkih Bensaleh’ town ,born in 18 December  2000, separated from her family for almost two months by her kidnappers.

-but before being kidnapped ,on the 26th of Ramadan (about 13th June) she went to her family for  holiday visit .

– according to what she said, she was kidnapped by two men on a motorcycle with a knife, they threatened her if she did not obey.

-This girl was burned by cigarettes and tattooed all over her body by her rapists, according to this girl.

– she was raped by eleven men between 18 and  30 years old during these two months of disappearance, sold for prostitution to several men for several days.

-the girl’s parents went to the police to report her disappearance.

-the kidnappers and the rapists have denied all the accusations of this teenager, arguing that this girl was consenting!!!, while she is just a teenage girl.

– for some months in Morocco we are bombarded by anecdotes of sexual characters such as, for example,  a hashtag “be a man” in Arabic  ‘koun rajel’ asking men to control women and prevent them from undressing too much at the beach, a method used by religious extremists to control women.

– another anecdote is the story of a man who raped a baby leading to the death of this  innocent baby  ,what a shame !!!.


the boycott campaign in Morocco is a real success

-the social networks created a boycott movement against three products, a dairy product (centralelaitière ), a mineral water product (sid ali ) and a service station (afriquia), a campaign that has succeeded in an extraordinary way.

– purchasing power of Moroccans is very low, while the prices are the prices of developed countries, which have a very high purchasing power.

-these companies say that real estate is expensive for investors, in addition to higher taxes ,and many factors make the prices very high in morocco .

-Among the causes of high prices is the multitude of trade intermediaries.

-the absence of price competition, and the existence of the tacit agreement between the economic operators, make that there is not really a difference of the prices between the different products of the same category.

-for example the mineral water is expensive in Morocco compared to Europe (in morocco two liters of mineral water cost about 10dh → 1euro while in Europe it doesn’t exceed 0.8euro ).

-in fact the competition council is not here ,it is absentminded , in this case who is the responsible for freezing this competition council, the head of government or the head of state ???.

– most of the economy of Morocco is not a liberal economy, we are in a cartel and illicit royalty economy; and the economic operators and businessmen, most of them are politicians, or closer to corrupt political power in Morocco.