Suicide in Morocco

– The suicide rate in Morocco is among the highest in the Arab world, according to some statistics 1 out of 2 Moroccans is melancholic .

-the suicide  touches all strata of society ,the rich and  the poor.

-the causes of suicide are due to psychiatric problems, rapes, financial problems , debts … etc., the individual in our time is measured by his money more than by something else, besides some commit suicide because unable to buy the sheep for Al-aid (a religious feast), it’s a humiliation !!!

– The lack of psychotherapists in schools is one of the factors that increases the suicide rate among young people.

– Moreover the excessive consumption of narcotics  leads people to schizophrenia, whether they are young or not.

-there are more men than women who commit suicide in Morocco.

-the suicide rate has doubled in ten years. In morocco  , and this suicide rate is increasing. worldwide, not just in Morocco.


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