Sony vs. Microsoft

Somes aid PS4 is smaller, lighter, and yet more powerful than the Xbox One , is that really real ,While the Xbox is huge and boxy, the PS4 is much slimmer and lighter; Is Sony simply superior to Microsoft when it comes to industrial design and engineering? Or is there another reason for the design difference between the PS4 and Xbox One?
the Xbox One is basically just a motherboard with a PC-style Blu-ray drive, 2.5-inch hard drive, and an APU with a huge heatsink and fan. There is a lot of empty space in the Xbox One.
Despite the PS4 integrating the PSU and being designed to have an easily removed hard drive, the console still only weighs around six pounds (2.7kg), while the Xbox One is a hefty eight pounds (3.6kg) .

Sony had sold one million play station 4 in north America recently ,the characteristics of the new play station 4 are good graphics ,blue ray player ,8 GO RAM ,web browser ,super processor ,voice or speech recognition ,and the advantage to share his great moments video game with friends . Play station 4 is the great rival of XBOX of Microsoft ,Microsoft had sold one million XBOX in one day the same record achieved by Sony


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