Morocco will host the World Cup 2026 ?? !!

 – Morocco will miss the organization of the World Cup 2026 in favor of the United States under the influence of FIFA .

– Morocco has failed to host the World Cup in four attempts 1994, 1998, 2006, 2010, it will be the fifth attempt, and if Morocco fails  ,it will be a humiliation for Morocco, and if Morocco fails because of skulduggery ,it  will be a sign that this football organization is still riddled with corruption; should it be boycotted by Africa .

-If USA wins by resorting to networks of shenanigans, the United States will be happy, so these Western countries when they benefit from shenanigans they say nothing, but when  others benefit by shenanigans , these Western countries  make a great fuss , as it was the case with Qatar and Russia.

– besides, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will vote for the United States, so Morocco has lost votes that some people taken for granted ,given the so-called Arab solidarity ??

-for me it is good that Saudi Arabia and united Arab emirates vote against Morocco to forget once  for  all this myth of Arab solidarity, moreover this myth has been used since the 50’s of the last century ,and when we see the deplorable state of the Arab world today, we can only say that ,this myth of Arab solidarity must be buried once for all.

-to show their disagreement  toward morocco  these two Arab countries want to send a message to Morocco that has not sided with  them to quell Qatar, it’s weird ,this  mean of reasoning ,to let downMorocco to have shown solidarity with Qatar which is an Arab country, bizarre ,you have to be crazy to understand how  Arab  brain of some Arabs   function or what’s left of  it .


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