Morocco Spain Algeria who is guilty (23 African dead)

-on Friday 24th June African desperate immigrants stormed Mlilia to reach Spain and Europe ,but instead of going to Spain 23 of them died due to stampede ,according to Moroccan and Spain version ,but according to immigrants ,that is due to excessive violence of Moroccan and Spanish police .

-some accuse Algeria of sending violent immigrants to invade Spain in order to send a message to Morocco and Spain regimes , which started their c operation at every levels especially in gas sector, intelligence security etc ... .

-many human rights organizations urged to open a transparent inquiry to investigate deeply the death of 23 African immigrants .

-for the time being morocco and Spain bury the hatchet .

-Spain government hails the autonomy plan for western Sahara presented by morocco .

-but morocco and Spain relationship was strained two years ago ;last year the moroccan regime had loosened its grip on border which led to having Spain (sebta melilia)being invaded by desperate Moroccans coming from RIF even from Casablanca for job in Spain !!!!! .

-by the way moroccan regime by this reckless gesture ,the regime wanted to harass Spain ,but the magic turned against sorcerer ;the officials of Rabat had shown 70 years in power of the monarchy were in vain as most of the Moroccans want to drown in the sea instead of staying in their country or what is left of it !!!,a country which does not give them a modicum of hope and opportunity .

-further more , the moroccan naive regime did not do anything to ask for financial compensation or at least an apology from Spain state for using chemical munitions and weapons against civilians at the beginning of twentieth century in RIF region .

- some political parties in Spain with their colonial background expressed once again their delirium to force Morocco monarchy to recognize Sebta and Mlilia as a spanish territory.

-during the summer to welcome Moroccans living abroad ,Marhaba operation has been inaugurated at the 5th June 2022 after two years of border shutdown ;in this operation more than four millions Moroccans living abroad especially in Europe will go back to Morocco to vacation with their family here in Morocco and feast religious festival of “aid al adha ” .

-the remittance of Moroccans living abroad can reach this year an amount of 80 billion Dirhams (about 8 billion dollars ).


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