Morocco is banning China  due to the surge of Coronavirus !!!!!

China is not transparent enough but opaque !!!

-morocco witnessed the first wave of coronavirus on mars in 2020, and we are now at the end of the fifth wave.

-the death toll of coronavirus in morocco is about 16 284  as the Total of  cases is 1 268 440.

-financially the cost of coronavirus is huge and unbearable, the loss of job ,foreclosure financial bankruptcy ,debt ...etc.

-socialwise the cases of divorces had increased as well as domestic violence ,and suicide ,the suicide is a taboo in morocco ,as it is banned by traditions .

-the move of morocco to ban flight coming from china is driven by the fact morocco does not have complete medical infrastructure and staff to face the surge   ,and a wave of coronavirus coming from china or elsewhere it will be a real ordeal and will stretch Moroccan medical staff and infrastructure to breaking point .

-Coronavirus Cases worldwide is about  : 637,435,939 ;Deaths: 6,604,733.

1-USA ,total cases 99,602,478 ,total death 1,098,038.

2-India ,total cases  44,659,447         ,total death  530,486.

3-France, total cases  36,920,064      ,total death  157,277.

4-Germany ,total cases  35,823,771       ,total death  154,535.

5-Brazil  ,total cases  34,890,243   ,total death  688,384.

6-S. Korea ,total cases  25,801,564     ,total death  29,354.

7-UK ,total cases  23,930,041   ,total death  194,704.

8-Italy ,total cases  23,642,011   ,total death  179,436.

9-Japan ,total cases  22,608,547    ,total death  46,981.

10-Russia ,total cases  21,459,284    ,total death  390,526.

11-Turkey ,total cases  16,919,638    ,total death  101,203.

12-Spain ,total cases  13,529,643    ,total death  115,239.

13-Vietnam ,total cases 11,505,249    ,total death  43,165.

14-Australia  ,total cases  10,417,273    ,total death  15,786.

15-Argentina  ,total cases  9,718,875   ,total death  129,991.

16-Netherlands ,total cases  8,521,729   ,total death  22,84.

17-Taiwan ,total cases  7,863,193   ,total death  13,151.

18-Iran ,total cases  7,558,002   ,total death  144,587.

19-Mexico ,total cases  7,113,132   , total death  330,415.

20-Indonesia, total cases  512,913  , total death  158,768.

-many counties throughout the world had imposed on people coming from china stiff measures and tests before going into their respective  countries.

-China did not like that and threatening with retaliatory measures against these countries,as china is seeing that as excessive measures against its own citizens.






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