Middle East confusions & hallucinations

Middle east is the most troubled region in the world it is also the most armed   ,it is not a surprise because in this region the logic is flushed down ,in favor of nepotism and political skulduggery .

-USA supports Kurds and is allied directly with turkey and Syria, Iran indirectly against Daesh.

-Kurds are the sworn enemy of turkey but also of Syria and Iran , because Kurds want to have their own independent state .

-Usa supports a fringe of Syrian resistance hated by Syrian regime ,this support could fuel terrorist group prowling in the region by weapons smuggling .

-dilemma ,Usa doesn’t want Syria to win ,but doesn’t want the islamists and extremists to win either  ,in this case Usa must take a decisive choice  and avoid hallucinations .

-Usa like Europe support steadfastly Israel ,this apartheid country fuel terrorism by the way this country deals with the right of Palestinians people to exist .

-Usa like Europe see any form of resistance against apartheid as an act of terrorism (Hamas, Hezbollah) ,but other countries fighting against terrorism with Usa (Iran Syria ),support the right of Palestinians people to resist against apartheid .

-Iran supports Syria and Hezbollah in the Syria war against terrorism  ,but Usa ,Saudi Arabia and Iran hate each other deeply .

-Kurds fight against Daesh like turkey  but they hate each other.

-turkey like Usa Saudi Arabia ,Qatar Europe at the beginning of civil war in Syria supported islamist extremists and the beheaders with money and weapons ,pushed surely by the obsession to get rid of Syrian regime quickly and definitely .

– turkey like Usa ,Saudi Arabia ,Qatar Europe now fight terrorism when they realized they have fed a monster which began to play the troublemaker in western territory(France ,Usa ,Belgium , …etc ) .

-at the opposite  ,Russia and Iran at the beginning had been against terrorism until now they did not waver from their initial decision , that is a good point for these two countries !!! .





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