Jerada the time bomb


-Jerada has known for more than a month  demonstrations because of the death of two people in a mine, which was closed since the 90s of the last century.
-The officials say that the cost of coal purchased is cheaper than that produced in Jerada , hence the closure of mine.
-The mine closure was followed by inefficient adjustment plans.
-We do not know who is clandestinely exploiting these mines that had been closed, perhaps by political mafias.
-But the Minister of Mines has no plan to get out of this scabrous situation , and find a viable alternatives for the people, because we do not solve the problems with those who created them.
-There are hotbeds of social explosions., and time bombs like Meknes, the north and the east, it’s all Morocco !!! .
– Many questions remain unanswered, which are the criteria that distinguish operating mines and abandoned mines? Who is responsible for the opening or closing of these mines, is it the sector minister who gave the licenses to operate these closed mines, or other political departments or mafias?
-in Morocco there are mines that work well, but no redistribution of wealth in the region and the surrounding area, moreover Ask the companies who are here to earn money to redistribute profits is to ask the realization of a miracle.
-There are also in Morocco Fishing areas prohibited but not respected by mafia close to those in power, which fishes in these areas without worrying about biological rest.
-The wild and unrelenting  liberalism that Morocco has adopted since the 80s of the last century may cost Morocco heavy socially and politically cost.



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