Downpour in morocco

Morocco relies heavily on generous annual precipitation to have a respectable economic growth ,without generous downpour it is impossible for Moroccan government to achieve economic growth brandished during electoral campaign in November 2011 ,the last rain between 14TH and 17TH January 2014 ,had saved partly morocco from having drought in 2014 ,after generous year in 2013(leading to economic growth of 4.5% ),a dry year will inevitably threaten the optimistic governmental predictions of 4.5% of economic growth this year.
With poor precipitation morocco government will lower its economic growth rate to modest figure of 2.4% in 2014 , with its negative and malign repercussions on unemployment , public investment in core infrastructures ,and household consumption .
Until now the neck of the government is saved by heaven,70% of dams capacity is filled with water (about 11 billion cubic meters in more than 100 dams throughout Moroccan territory) ; the policy of dams had been initiated since 1960’s leading to the building of many dams saving by the way morocco from thirst ,hunger and most importantly political turmoil.


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