Donald trump vs. Iran

-Donald trump started its visit to Saudi Arabia by a huge contract of 380 billions dollars which will create thousands of jobs in USA and (70 000) in Saudi Arabia !!! .

-it is surprising after scathing words against Islam during electoral campaign to start his first foreign visit in a Muslim country.

-with his speech in a meeting with  Muslim leaders was like Obama speech in 2012 at Cairo city but this time with students at the university .

-Iran is accused by both Usa and Saudi Arabia to be the sponsor of terrorism in the world .

-Hezbollah and Hamas slammed Donald trump speech, describing it partial and biased .

-Iran said the origin of terrorism in middle east is the presence of Usa in this region supporting apartheid and terrorism .

-Iran describes Israel as a cancer in the region that must be taken out .

-Iran renounced its nuclear program but without any tangible result in daily life of people.



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