Al-Hoceima burns again

-Al-Hoceima continues to heal its wounds and protest against the regime after the death of a protester following injuries in his head during a demonstration last July, precisely these demonstrations were triggered after the death of ‘Mouhcin Fekry ‘, we are in a vicious circle.

– The regime and the government promise to inhabitants of this region abandoned for decades  projects costing six billion Dirhams ($ 600 million), which have been planned  years ago without being realized in reality.

– This anger can spread in the neighboring regions (in the north of Morocco) and throughout Morocco if the regime shows its inability to listen to the legitimate grievances of the protesters, and hide behind the empty slogans as for example these protesters are driven by  foreign forces.

-On the causes of the anger of the inhabitants of Al-Hoceima is the absence of hospitals worthy of the name ,of universities and work for young people.

-The protesters also want the immediate liberalization of political prisoners who have protested against the injustice and the indifference of the state.




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