World cup 2014

May 22, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

This last weekend three African football teams had qualified to world cup after winning the second leg match (first leg .
ivory coast 3-1 Senegal)
(second leg . Senegal 1-1 ivory coast )

(first leg . Ethiopia 1-2 Nigeria)
(second leg . Nigeria 2-0 Ethiopia)

(first leg Tunisia 0-0 Cameroon )
(second leg . Cameroon 4-1 Tunisia).

Algeria will play against Burkina Faso after losing the first leg in Burkina(first leg Burkina Faso 3-2 Algeria ) ;and Egypt will play against Ghana in Egypt the first leg was a catastrophe for Egypt (first leg Ghana 6-1 Egypt ) .
As for Europe France had lost against Ukraine(first leg Ukraine 2-0 France ) ,Portugal had won against Sweden of Zlatan (first leg Portugal 1-0 Sweden ) , (first leg Greece 2-0 Romania ) , (first leg island 0-0 Croatia ).

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