Web application to learn languages for free www.nbc01.com

June 19, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

Nowadays you need no matter who you are to master one foreign languages ,in order to chat with your friends ,to travel or study abroad ….etc ,but it is difficult to find reliable websites or web applications for languages learning ,but if you find some of them you need to open your pocket to pay money for that ,but what if we tell you there is a web application for free to learn English , French and Arabic languages .
In this website you will find many lessons ,you can even click the button “click” if you want to le listen to the way the words are pronounced especially French and English ,you can learn grammar and conjugation of these three languages quickly and easily .
Not only that but in this webb application you can compare the GDP of many countries like USA ,china ,Russia …etc ,as well as their GDP PER CAPITA .
You can also calculate the number of occurrence of a word in any text by going to this web page.

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