USA-China deal to save the planet!!!!!

USA and China had reached an agreement on green house gas emission ,both supported a plan to cut their emission by 2030 ,this agreement was the fruit of discussion of more than a year between the two parties ,USA promises to reduce 25% of its green house gas emission by 2025 ,as for china it promises to reach 20% of green energy in its energy consumption by 2030 ;China says it will reach its peak of fossil energy by 2030 and promises not to go further; both countries are responsible for 40% of green house gas emission in this planet ,by the way the principal energy used in China is coal energy .
As for Europe it promised to have 26% of green energy in European energy consumption by 2030 ,to reduce 40% of green house gas emission compared to the level emitted by Europe in 1990’s.
This agreement between china and USA will encourage other countries to reduce green house gas emission and promote green energy.

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