The PussyRiot

June 2, 2015 HASSAN 6 comments

The PussyRiot is seen in western media as a wind of freedom blowing in Russian dictatorial system ,because Russia as they say lacks free judiciary system, independent mass media, honest and transparent elections, political opposition and vibrant civil society, not to mention the complete fusion and marriage between the institutions of state and church.
But many outside western sphere do not understand why there is a frantic support of Pussyriot in western media an civil society ,but nothing or little when it comes to defend Edward Snowden and Julian Assange .

The PussyRiot activists had been freed by vladimir putin , there are many supporters of pussyriot throughout the world ;this is a link through which information about pussyriot is gathered and translated into English news ;this link is ( )and there is also Twitter account ( .

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