The image of Morocco on the spotlight

November 6, 2017 HASSAN No comments exist

– Almost  weeks  ago social networks got inflamed because of rape of young girl who has psychiatric problems by teenagers  in a bus without anybody intervening to stop the outrage even the bus driver did nothing, he had to at least drive the bus to the nearest police station.

– Almost   weeks ago there was a terrorist attack in Spain orchestrated by Moroccans living in Barcelona killing many civilians .

– The event of Al-Hoceima ‘Hiraq’, which saw demonstrators protesting in a civilized way while the regime continue to agitate the old recipes that dated from the last century according to which the demonstrators are animated by the enemies of the nation financing them from abroad, it shows that the monarchical regime is incapable of self-criticism and self-reform.

-The United States has just issued a warning to American women who want to visit Morocco to be very careful because they can be burgled in the streets or even harassed.

– But do not be hard against Morocco; Sweden has more rapes per inhabitant compared to other countries !!!.

-The United States of America and South Africa and India are the first in the world to harass women in streets despite the rights that the women enjoy.


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