The humanity must eat insects to avoid famine

Due to the growing number of people in the planet earth, the human being must resort to consuming a variety of insects to assure one’s survival, as the number of people will grow surely to reach about 9 billion people in 2050, the only alternative to survive is to eat all variety of insects(worms ,cockroaches ,caterpillars ,grubs ,maggots, locusts….etc ).
This idea is starting to arouse the curiosity of many gastronomic chefs around the world ,With a lot of protein ,nutrients and fats but not bad fats ,but good ones ,the insects is the only lifebelt to save the humanity !!! ,for example eating 35 grams of insects is like eating 100g of steak ,as for the environmentalist ,they encourage the consumption of insects ,for the farming of insects uses less lands and emit less green house gas ,
In Europe the only country legalizing the farming of insects is Belgium.

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