The frantic race towards the moon

November 13, 2019 HASSAN No comments exist

The Americans were the first to go to the moon.
-the Americans who went to the moon picked up stones for study and souvenir !!!.
-the first twelve men who walked on the moon were Americans.
-This has whetted the appetite of Soviet Union yesterday and Russia today in addition to China and India to send their crew to the moon .
– while Brazil, Europe, Japan orbit around the moon.
-But the conquest of space is not only the affair of the states, it has also become the business of private companies, wanting their share of cake ;Spacex of Elon Musk wants to send humans on Mars by 2024 ; Richard Bronson’s company ,Virgin Galactic wants to organise trips to space ; Amazon’s CEO with his company Blue Origin want to place men on the moon to found lunar colonies ;These private companies want to consolidate their business by competing with state space agencies .
– having a space technology means that you have the ability to strike everywhere with ballistic missiles, hence the fear towards Iranian space technologies.
-USA has dedicated more than tens of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of staff working steadfastly to go to the moon in 1969.
– China begins to explore the hidden face of the moon by sending out space equipment, the hidden face of the moon has been flown by other powers and never explored.
– in terms of ranking USA is in the first place, Russia ,China Europe next.
-the gravity of the moon is 6 times less than of the earth, so it takes 40 times less energy to take off from the moon, the moon can be used as a take-off hub to other planets .
-Some hope that collaboration in space can avoid conflict between states !!
-between 400 km and 36 000 km from the earth, this is the place where satellites can be placed in orbit, it is a fruitful business ,hence private companies are working to have their share of cake .
– China on January 11, 2007 destroyed its own satellite by a guided missile, this is a way to
show its power and flex its muscles in the space .

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