The economy in Europe and Russia is in bad shape

June 2, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

Russia was recently demonized by western media and politicians about Ukrainian crisis, knowing in advance there is now alternative of equal cooperation and mutual respect between Russia and western countries especially European countries,the fact of limiting and downgrading the level of cooperation between Russia and Europe ,without doubt has a multilevel consequences which are not confined to economic and financial fields but go beyond that .
Many politicians in Europe say there is no room for hope and optimism in the standoff between Russia and Ukraine as long as the cease-fire agreement signed between the two parties in September is not respected.
The economic growth in many European countries is less than expected especially in Germany ,this year and during the next year ,Russia is also in dire financial straits due to low oil price but also to western sanctions which harm both Russia and Europe ,as for USA is far away from the financial consequences of this conflict .
The follow-the herd-attitude adopted by Europe has heavy fallout on European economy, many Europeans questioned the point of following blindly USA policy in Ukraine without weighing the pros and the cons of this policy on European interests in the short and long run.

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