the dead of the north of Morocco

February 28, 2018 HASSAN

-Informal economy  in the North plays the role of a social regulator ,given the absence of the state for decades in this region and despite the efforts made by the government since 1998, the gaps are huge in this region.

-We see every day women who shuttle between the north and the two Spanish cities Sebtta and Mlilia, to get supplies of goods without any dignity as the carry these goods on their shoulder like beast of burden  , which are then sold on the local market.

-but the incompetent government says what these women are doing is  illegal, they do not have the right to sell contraband products on the national market, even when some of them die because of a stampede ,it  is not important to the government; while the same government does nothing against the national networks of corruption and illicit enrichment, and the extortion of land, and exploitation of minerals in Morocco by private companies !!’, and illegal fishing on the high seas … etc, against all these anomalies the government of the people does nothing!!! .

– besides the products of contraband are freely sold in shops of Derb Ghalef (Casablanca), these shops have patents, it means that they are legal.

-We are in front of scavenger business, where the dignity of people has no value.

-the smuggling  has disappeared almost in the industrialized countries because there is a real policy  of wealth distribution, and economic prosperity ,while in poor or less industrialized countries or countries gangrened by corruption at all levels, poor people live off the smuggling , because it is the only way to survive.                                                








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