the boycott campaign in Morocco is a real success

May 18, 2018 HASSAN

-the social networks created a boycott movement against three products, a dairy product (centralelaitière ), a mineral water product (sid ali ) and a service station (afriquia), a campaign that has succeeded in an extraordinary way.

– purchasing power of Moroccans is very low, while the prices are the prices of developed countries, which have a very high purchasing power.

-these companies say that real estate is expensive for investors, in addition to higher taxes ,and many factors make the prices very high in morocco .

-Among the causes of high prices is the multitude of trade intermediaries.

-the absence of price competition, and the existence of the tacit agreement between the economic operators, make that there is not really a difference of the prices between the different products of the same category.

-for example the mineral water is expensive in Morocco compared to Europe (in morocco two liters of mineral water cost about 10dh → 1euro while in Europe it doesn’t exceed 0.8euro ).

-in fact the competition council is not here ,it is absentminded , in this case who is the responsible for freezing this competition council, the head of government or the head of state ???.

– most of the economy of Morocco is not a liberal economy, we are in a cartel and illicit royalty economy; and the economic operators and businessmen, most of them are politicians, or closer to corrupt political power in Morocco.



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