The Bloody Middle East

June 5, 2015 HASSAN

In Gaza, more than 70 Palestinians have been killed and many others injured in raids ,last night there were about 306 Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian emergency services. This is the worst attack since the Gaza operation “Pillar of Defense” conducted in 2012 in the Palestinian enclave.
The Israeli army launched its air offensive against Gaza in the night of Monday to Tuesday called “protective Border” operation, in response to volleys of rockets. According to the Israeli army, more than 130 rockets were fired Tuesday on southern Israel – 23 were intercepted by the missile defense (iron dome) while aviation has targeted 150 sites in Gaza. The goal is to hit Hamas and reduce the number of rockets fired into Israel, but until now without success.
Middle east is boiling after civil war in Syria and ISIS terrorist attacks in Iraq now we have Israeli aggression against Palestinian people with guilty silence of western democracies

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