Special lenses for the Blind

Everyone knows the difficulties felt by the blind people in their daily life ,when they want to move from place to place ,to read a document ,to recognize a color ,to buy something ….etc ,but now thanks to researchers the science has developed a device which could help the blind people to deal with their daily life like an ordinary person .
This device (smart lenses or intelligent glasses)helps the blind to Recognize object ,documents ,tickets ,colors ,in general helping them in their mobility by recognizing obstacles ,direction of their destinations by GPS ,this high-tech device will be sold between 800 1200 Euros ,
The goal of these special lenses for the blind is to turn ordinary glasses into a navigation device; this technology uses sound sensors, GPS guides…..etc.
The blind will see the world differently from the way they saw it in the past, but only the time will tell us whether this device is a godsend for the blind or it is just a simple device without marvelous effect in their life.

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