Russia gets closer to china

As the investments from west are shrinking due to economic crisis in west especially in Europe and Ukrainian crisis, which is bound to stay for long time ,if it will not get worse in the foreseeable future ;to get rid of shackles of western sanctions ,Russia recently signed a gas contract of $ 400 billion with china ,in their trading Russia and china will use their own national currencies as a promising direction for both countries ,in order to boost their mutual economy .
China overtook Germany as the Russian largest trading partner in 2010, as for china the biggest trading partner is USA ;50% of economic growth of USA will come from Asia ,that makes this region a real opportunity for creating job ,and economic growth for USA .
With the regard to Russian currency (Robel ) ,it is not in good shape ,it lost recently 30% compared to Dollar and 25% compared to Euro due to western sanctions and low oil price ;Russia central bank had decided to leave Russian currency float freely without any intervention ,as for the economic growth the central bank had downgraded the forecast for this year and 2015 .

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