Rosetta space probe

July 3, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

The scientists are very excited about what’s coming up from Rosetta space probe ,they have received many photos ,the resolution is very good of these different pictures of different size .
Despite huge margin of error in such mission ,this small space craft with a size of small truck ,will land on object (comet 67p) of two miles width and length in a particular day ,that needs a very very precise mathematical calculation ,thanks to engineers and operators all these complicated calculation will be solved , they want to get it to the right place on time .
The orbit of Rosetta is going to get closer and launch a vehicle on the next November to land on the comet surface; this mission will help human being to know how water and organic molecules had come to earth in order to fill up the picture and gather a lot of data .
Rosetta space probe had been devised in Germany and launched from France launch space (guyan fraçaise) in central America continent .

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