Rosetta sends Philae robot to land on a comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko

European space agency with its Rosetta probe is bound to make the history for the third time, after succeeding in its first rendezvous with the comet, and being in orbit around the comet, now Rosetta is sending Philae robot to land on this precious comet; it is the most important day for European scientists in their life ,they couldn’t help jumping for joy like boys .
It was just a dream years ago, now this dream is coming through, Rosetta had travelled 6.5 billion km trek in the space, finishing its travel by making a robot land on the comet ,this European mission cost 1.4 billion Euros.
Rosetta will send back data to the planet earth, especially to European space agency, Rosetta is supposed to work for about 5 months, scientists will learn, many things from Rosetta data.
Why European space agency wanted to land on comet but not on asteroid ,the difference between asteroid and comet ,a comet is orbiting far from the sun as for the asteroid is orbiting near the sun ,this difference is pivotal for scientists ,because with comet you have ice ,and scientists think the comet is the first one which brought water to earth but also complex molecules ,leading by domino effect to life in our blue planet .

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