Rhino in danger in Africa

July 3, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

Rhino have never been in danger ,so many NGOs had taken measures to save them from poachers ,rhino had been moved to safer ground to avoid savage poaching ,but before that the rhino are darted with a mix of immobilizer and tranquilizer ,it takes four and five minutes to get rhino on the ground ,and a sample of their DNA is taken ,the horn is microchiped ,soon afterwards another shot to reverse the anesthetic is given to rhino .
To protect Rhino ,the Rhino are taken to safer ground in south Africa ,because Rhino in many Africa countries are shot dead by poachers for their horns ,these horns are sold in black market ,a horn costs 10 000 dollars a kilogram ,fueled by insatiable demand from Asia ,in which people think wrongly Rhino horns could cure disease lake cancer .
poachers came from Mozambique ,doing their dirty job ,nothing seems able to stop this onslaught despite draconian measures taken by many African government (military intervention drones….etc ),Very likely the situation will get worse before being better .
Poaching became a part of their daily survival , Mozambique is becoming a recruiting ground for poachers ,winning about 600 dollars to 10 000 dollars for Rhino horns ,the recruiter go to the border between Mozambique and south Africa ,300 km villages.
Many poachers had been killed 47 last year ,but the risk of being killed does not deter them from poaching ,as the entire local economy of Mozambique is founded on poaching ,this big business stretches from Africa to Vietnam china Thailand and other Asian countries ,it is a global problem dealt with as a local issue, south Africa is trying to have bilateral legislation with Vietnam to deal with poaching but it will take long time before seeing the result of this campaign against poaching ..


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