Racism of ‘téléloisirs’

June 5, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

IQ(intellectual quotient ) of Algerians and Moroccans is the lowest in France, they are less intelligent among those living in France according to the French magazine ‘téléloisirs’,but that is a provocation and laughable vulgar and abject racism ,these jokes about race, look, religion, language were used by some crazy regimes in Europe and abroad to entertain the naive little people, these jokes do not bode well, it’s racialism coming from 19th century in Europe.
After the shock of the terrorist attacks against ‘Charlie Hebdo’ (a Weekly magazine), which resulted in the death of civilians and journalists, some French people want to take revenge?? I hope this level of mediocrity and baseness is far from France and French people.
This racialism is added to the morbid desire of some French pseudo-intellectuals who promote the deportation of Muslims outside Europe, while the majority of French citizens are modern, but in some political programs stigma of Muslims is the favorite subject of some incompetent politicians, most Muslims say that Islam has nothing to do with the bombings of Paris; do not forget that Gaza during Ramadan, nearly 2000 civilians most of them are children and babies were massacred by armaments coming from the democratic West ,not to mention the political and diplomatic support.
We talk about freedom of expression when it comes to ‘Charlie Hebdo’, but ‘Dieudonné’ has been forbidden to do his one man shows because in these shows there are defamation and the threat of living in harmony in France !!!!.

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