Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in controversial shrine

June 2, 2015 HASSAN No comments exist

China and South Korea are very angry after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had paid a visit to a controversial war shrine in Tokyo ;China and South Korea have condemned a visit by Japanese Prime Minister . Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang. said “The essence of Japanese leaders’ visits to the Yasukuni shrine is to beautify Japan’s history of militaristic aggression and colonial rule,” . The South Korean culture minister added that the shrine honored the memory of the people who inflicted “indescribable” pain and suffering on Koreans during the 1910-45 occupation of the peninsula; and this controversial visit was a complete provocation. In this controversial shrine lay High-ranking officials executed after World War II for committing war crimes against Chinese and south Korean people ;the most degrading of these crimes was the rape of millions of Chinese and south Korean women by Japanese soldiers ,then they consider the women of the enemy as a sexual tools to distract Japanese soldiers .

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